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cbdThe Market Place — CBD Flower is For Sale in Orlando

The Market Place — CBD Flower is For Sale in Orlando

“CBD flower is for sale in Orlando and that is a good thing for you because that means health is here for you today..”


Spring Specials for March

West Slope Pepper Smalls @ $9.99 for ½ oz

See Below for more info and other Exciting Inventory!





How do I decide which hemp flower strain to buy or CBD hemp flower product to use for best results?





  • It’s All About Smalls
  • All About D8 Flowers
  • About Topicals
  • “For Sale” Last Words
  • Today’s Featured Post
  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


CBD Flower is For Sale in Orlando – It’s All About “Smalls”

Smalls are collected during the trimming process that happens when thinning the flowers so they will grow bigger. They are also eliminated to remove excess sugar leaves. But true to hemp’s profile of being 100% environment friendly, smalls do not go to waste.

Smalls are the smaller buds that break apart from the bigger flower, but they are still nicely covered in trichomes and that is important because those are the crystal balls filled with terpenes.  And yes, smalls have the same smell, taste, and effect as the full-grown CBD hemp flower. That’s true! There are two kinds of smalls. Smalls are derived from:

  • Tops from the main flowers of the hemp plant.
  • Machine trimmed biomass flower.

The West Slope Pepper smalls are now in inventory at Dr. Strains CBD ready for you to enjoy for a variety of purposes. If you do use them in your own rolls, it burns better because they may be a bit drier.

CBD Flower is For Sale in Orlando – All About D8 Power

Delta 8 THC is a variant form of Delta 9 THC found in small concentrations in the cannabis hemp plant. Delta 9 vs Delta 8 is a proper topic to discuss here. Processors have figured out how to extract the cannabinoid and concentrate it into therapeutic levels.

Delta 8 vs Delta 9 are different in that they both interact with the CB 1 receptors but not the CB 2 receptors. The CB 1 receptors are mainly located in the nervous system but are also found in the immune system. Dr. Strains CBD has hemp buds infused with D8 in their inventory today.  Cherry Diesel D8 Flower is the one to have with perfectly infused delta 8.

CBD Flower is For Sale in Orlando – About Topicals

Our skin is our largest organ so it has become an important dosing pathway. Remember that the skin has its own Endocannabinoid System so dosing topically is extremely important. Dr. Strains has several CBD-infused topicals that will serve you well.

So let’s look at some that you can dose with by rubbing on your skin to treat arthritic joints as well as options for you to “soak in”.

CBD Bath Dust Bomb — What better way to show love and care to yourself than by giving yourself love through self-care! Dr. Strains is now offering KushCare 135mg CBD bath dust bomb! With this product, you are able to add as little or as much fizz to your bath! KushCare CBD products are all-natural and handcrafted with their own infused CBD oil.

Mini Bath Bombs — A perfect way of self-care while still getting your daily dose of CBD. Each bomb carries with it 45 mg of CBD for $3.99 and the large bath bombs have 100 mg of CBD at $799!

  • Sativa Bomb — Peppermint, Eucalyptus, or Tangerine
  • Indica Bomb — Lavender or Frankincense

 CBD Bath Shot – 60 mg of CBD to enhance your next bath and leave it smelling like roses and lavender. Your skin will come out all soft and silky.

 CBD Sore Muscle Rub — Dr. Strains is now offering KushCare CBD sore muscle rub. This product is used for body aches, arthritis/joint pains and muscle tension. KushCare CBD products are all-natural and handcrafted with their own infused CBD oil. This 300mg CBD sore muscle rub has a 3-hour infusion process.

CBD Isolate Roll-On – This is an option to roll on pure CBD to those joints before you go jogging, walking or any other movement that triggers pain.

“For Sale” Last Words –

Dr. Strains CBD has a variety of inventory that can prove to be your “one-stop shopping” for all your CBD hemp flower needs. From hemp pre-rolls to all the accessories you need to roll your own. For from CBD oil capsules to CBD-infused gummies and D8 Gummies your edible needs are met. You can shop online or at the brick and mortar shop, whichever suits your fancy.


Benefits, Benefits, Please Stand Up – Pulmonary Administration of Smokable Hemp Flower

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

 Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”

Are you looking for CBD bud products? Well, there is Good News because we continue on through 2021 with bang-up additions to our inventory such as the following items.

 Dr. Strains CBD “It’s Back Series!”

Fuel Berry Indoor CBD Flower — Our Fuel Berry is in our top tier range at 16% CBD! With citrus and berry terpene profiles and hues of purple hairs, this hand-trimmed selection can’t be missed. Because there is limited stock, get on over to Dr. Strains CBD to buy your ¼ oz at ONLY $27.99

Visit here for more hemp flower options.

Dr. Strains CBD has CBG Hemp Flowers

CBG-infused Special Sauce — Special Sauce is an Indica hybrid that contains at least 18 unique terpenes including myrcene, caryophyllene, and pinene. Beyond this, CBD is on average between 14% – 19%, and CBG at 0.61%.  Awesome for night-time as a sleep aid, efficient for reducing pain, or providing an enchanting blanket of calm for the day, CBG is a shining star just rising in the cannabis world.

Visit Dr. Strains CBD inventory to find other CBG hemp flowers.


Dr. Strains CBD Explores D8 Flower “Power”

Cherry Diesel — Infused with D8, this flower will have enhanced effects of the favorite Space Candy.  Try a 1/2 oz. now for only $24.99!

Dr. Strains CBD has Topical Inventory

CBD Bath Shot – 60 mg of CBD to enhance your next bath and leave it smelling like roses and lavender. Your skin will come out all soft and silky.

You will find more topical options here.


Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.


FDA Disclosure

The statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. All information presented here is not meant to be used as a substitute for or alternative to information from health care practitioners, so please consult your health care professional about potential interactions or other possible complications before using any product.


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