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cbdThe Merry – Go – ‘Round of CBD Hemp Variables

The Merry – Go – ‘Round of CBD Hemp Variables

Variables are everywhere in life \’\’and there is many variables in CBD hemp. Sometimes it seems there are no “for sures” that we can depend on.  If you are trying to lose weight, sometimes one calorie budget count works \’\’and sometimes it does not. Perhaps you are in pain, so you pop some Tylenol but this time the pain persists. Then you may take a couple more in an hour or so \’\’and finally you get some relieve.

The variables which exist in consuming CBD hemp involve these factors:

  • Method of delivery
  • Amount
  • How often
  • Which product.

Underst\’\’anding the Merry – Go – ‘Round Variables

So let us try to take some of the mystery out of this merry-go-‘round of the variables of CBD consumption. There are various reasons people take CBD \’\’and with these reasons comes expectations. You expect to feel a certain way after smoking a Hawaiian Haze CBD hemp flower. But you have a different expectation when you put a dropper of CBD drops under your tongue. You have that expectation probably because it is what you need.

Method of Delivery of CBD Hemp

Some enjoy the smoke experience so if that individual wants to dose with CBD hemp flower having a toke. Or you can vape with CBD vape juice. When you purchase a hemp flower to smoke, the COA has the amount of CBD in that particular hemp flower. This makes it possible to dose accurately which is a concern for many.

But if you do not enjoy smoking then another method of delivery is to dropper sublingual drops under your tongue so that it moves more quickly into your bloodstream. This method is a perfect dosing method because you can calculate it exactly.

To decide the method of delivery, you need to decide why you want or need CBD. If you want a toke of CBD hemp flower because you enjoy the savors, the experience \’\’and also how it makes you relaxed or revived \’\’and focused. If you have a specific medical condition, let’s say inflammation \’\’and pain, then it will be best if you choose a method of delivery where you can measure the milligrams you are consuming.

On the other h\’\’and, if you are consuming CBD hemp flower because you are using it as a strengthening, preventive routine to your health then you can take the CBD product that you most enjoy.

The Amount \’\’and How Often of CBD Hemp Product

The next variable is the amount \’\’and the frequency of dosing. Generally, if you are taking CBD sublingual drops, the dosage is a dropper or approximately 15 drops. But often you will need to experiment with the exact dosage that is right for you. This is a suggestion of 1 mg of oil for every 10 pounds of body weight every 24 hours. It could be this is a starting point. You can use this gauge for whatever delivery method you choose.

There is something called micro-dosing. Simply said, it is dividing up the dose you’ve decided is right for you into, for example, 5 doses taken every 90 minutes throughout the day. The advantage of micro-dosing is that the CBD oil is fed to your body in a repetitive manner, so the effects do not wear off.

The reason you are taking CBD will have a lot to do with how you figure out the right dosage for you. Pain is a common reason \’\’and some types of pain are constant so you will be able to determine if the amount \’\’and the frequency is right.

Which CBD Hemp Product to Use

If you have been in the hemp community long, you will know that new products are continually making their debut. As we mentioned above, the reason you are taking CBD may very well determine the product you use.  Let us look at pain again because that is the most common reason people take CBD. Speaking as someone who believes 100% in CBD for pain relief, it takes awhile to find the product that relieves pain because of what pain it is \’\’and where that pain is located. You may find the best results come from taking CBD oil sublingual as well as a cream, a lotion or a CBD menthol roll on.

CBD works but may take patience to find the product you need \’\’and the method of delivery. A toke every night on a high CBD hemp flower may be the best relief for your pain.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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