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cbd“The Perfect 6” — CBD Flower for Mental, Memory & Thoughts

“The Perfect 6” — CBD Flower for Mental, Memory & Thoughts

CBD flower for mental, memory \’\’and thoughts are extremely important particularly as we age. You have heard the term, “Oh, I just had a senior moment,” meaning they forgot something.

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CBD Flower for Mental, Memory & Thoughts – A “Twofer” for Mental

Two mental acuities are very important, no matter our age or what it is we are doing at work or at home. The CBD flower for mental, memory \’\’and thought has this twofer for the mental part of the equation – focus \’\’and comprehension.

The Focus of it All

Have you been reading a book, instructions for something at work \’\’and you get to the end of the page \’\’and suddenly you realize you have no idea what you just read. This may happen because you are uninterested but uninterested or not if it has to do with something important you need to accomplish, you must grab your focus \’\’and point it where it needs to be.

CBD flower helps to clear the mental fog that blocks that focus. A consistent use of CBD in whatever way you prefer is important so when the fog tries to set in, you have an ally that has already cleared the way.

The Comprehension of it All

Do you sometimes hear something that a friend or co-worker says but your mind just cannot comprehend the full meaning. It is the moment that you st\’\’and there with your mouth open \’\’and your eyes squinting \’\’and saying to yourself, “What, what did you just say?”

You refer to someone as being sharp meaning they grasp a concept or thought string rapidly \’\’and with comprehension. That may come because someone is young but many times we become so mentally “bogged down” because we are involved in this \’\’and that \’\’and the other that it all gets jumbled.

CBD flower balances \’\’and strengthens \’\’and supports all functions in our body \’\’and our mind. This includes those moments we just do not get what we are reading, what someone is saying to us or a story someone gives with a hilarious punch line. But our brow remains furled.

CBD Flower for Mental, Memory & Thoughts – A “Twofer” for Memory

Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is partly about memory or lack thereof.  The brain cells start to be destroyed because of a lack of neuroprotection on the neurons carrying information from here to there.

Alzheimer’s is a disease that is affecting more \’\’and more seniors \’\’and according to statistics, it is on the track to affect even more. Dementia is the forerunner of Alzheimer’s generally speaking so at that point there are things that can be done medically to perhaps slow the brain cell deterioration.

It is About Memory Disorganization

Starting in dementia then progressing through all the stages of Alzheimer’s, brain cells are dying \’\’and the neurotransmitters deteriorate so the message cannot get to where it is supposed to go. This causes memory disorganization, \’\’and the present seems like the past \’\’and the past is the present.  Often the AD patient loses memory of who family members are or think that their spouse is a son or daughter or visa versa.

It is About Memory Retention

Memory naturally loses its punch as we age but extraordinary loss speaks to dementia \’\’and eventually AD. AD patients remember the past with remarkable accuracy because they are safe in an area of the brain not affected now. But the new memories become hazy or lost altogether because the neurotransmitters are under attack so deteriorate.

There are three ways CBD can change this progressive disease:

  • reducing oxygen buildup,
  • stimulating the brain,
  • providing a neuroprotectant,
  • reducing brain cell death,
  • reducing inflammation.

CBD is an antioxidant \’\’and an anti-inflammatory \’\’and both help to restore brain function, stop the cells dying \’\’and provides a protective coating on the neurotransmitters to help restore the signal.

CBD Flower for Mental, Memory & Thoughts – A “Twofer” for Thoughts

Think for a minute about how you think. Usually you think of one thing, that leads to the rational next \’\’and on it continues to go. Often we start our day in a “particular frame of mind” because we have, say 3 important things to do.

The Engine of Thought Pulls the Caboose

The original thought of things to do that day are like a train with the engine as the driving force. It pulls us along to accomplish our original thought. Some call it planning \’\’and putting together a successful day \’\’and others that, “Oh this is the thought I had to day of where I’m going or what I’m doing.

The Train of Thought is a Derailed Locomotive

The beginning signs of dementia start slow. Then one day you are lost in a familiar subdivision. The train of thought to take a walk became derailed two blocks away \’\’and this individual has no idea how to get home.

CBD restores, strengthens \’\’and supports the brain \’\’and the transmission of thoughts \’\’and information. Medically speaking, AD is a one way trip because no pharmaceutical can restore those loss neurotransmitters \’\’and dead brain cells. CBD flower for mental, memory & thoughts is a real option to implement if it helps to alleviate the feeling that your loved one is losing their way.

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