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hempThe Place of the Hemp Plant in a Green World

The Place of the Hemp Plant in a Green World

“The place of the hemp plant in a green world is unmistakably important because it is on the upper levels of effectiveness.”

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  • Why is Hemp Green?
  • How Hemp is Environmentally Friendly
  • When Hemp Restores the Earth
  • “All Points of View”
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There is one concept that dominates the airwaves, written documents and legislation and that is “green”. But what green means to some is not what green means to the masses, to the agricultural community and to those who want to see trees on the hillsides rather than cut down forests.  The elite see “green” as revamping how and what we drive; wiping out fossil fuels even though we know that even electric needs fossil fuels. To those REALLY concerned about the environment, green means growing crops that give back to the earth and preserve the natural resources that we have.

The Hemp Plant in a Green World – Why is Hemp “Green”

If “green” means restoring the earth rather than destroying the earth, then hemp is green.  We hear a lot about the cannabinoid CBD and the hemp flower nug, but that is only a small portion of the hemp plant. After the CBD or other cannabinoids are extracted and the hemp flower nug is cut off the rest of the plant from stem to stern is recycled into hemp biomass. It is then used as a bio-fuel, fabric, rope, hempcrete and other building supplies.

The Hemp Plant in a Green World — How Hemp is Environmentally Friendly

Hemp is environmentally friendly because it restores the soil rather than depleting it. There is absolutely no waste in the plant itself and lastly it matures more rapidly than other crops particularly trees. Paper manufacturers use hemp to make paper which is better for the environment because it does not leave the hillsides bare and liable to erosion from trees being cut down.

More Friendly Than You Know

When a farmer plants hemp in his or her field, he can plant it again the next season because hemp enriches the soil so that it is more nourished than before it grew there. With other crops, the farmer must switch out between crops because wheat, corn and soybeans, etc, deplete the soil of certain minerals. Not so with hemp.  And hemp is by and large resistant to pests that plague other crops. The terpenes in the hemp help to repel insects and other pests.

Another way that hemp is environmentally friendly is that it is a crop that will grow in almost any climate, any soil except for extreme mountain cold conditions. It needs water but is drought resistant as well.

The Hemp Plant in a Green World – When Hemp Restores the Earth

Hemp restores the earth in multiple ways. First, as we explained earlier, it leaves the soil nourished with minerals, etc. That is one way it restores the earth and leaves it better than when it was planted.

Next, it restores the earth because the hemp plant leaves no waste to clutter the fields where is has grown. If there are some leaves that are not converted into biomass then they decay and feed the soil even more.

The third way that hemp restores the earth is that the products that are made from it from fabric to rope to canvases for sailing the seas last much, much longer than other products made synthetically.

“All Points of View”

The place of hemp plant in a green world is huge. Everything about hemp points to a green world. There is no other crop or product that has a bigger place in the green world. Economically, hemp is a positive flow for the farmers and those that manufacture various hemp products. Health wise, hemp has changed the outlook for so many suffering with pain, anxiety and panic attacks.  Hemp is green in a green world from every angle you look at it.  Vendors love hemp because it makes them money on a recreational level and on a health level.

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