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cbdThe Power in CBD Flower for the Woman of Today

The Power in CBD Flower for the Woman of Today

If you have ever had the opportunity to experience great pain relief or other health benefits you will better underst\’\’and the power in CBD flower for the woman of today.

The Power in CBD Bud for the Woman of Today – All in For Beauty

Restoration from the Inside Out

Staying young is of prime interest to many today as they obsess over the wrinkles as they gather on their face. As the body’s organs start malfunctioning \’\’and we have to take more naps \’\’and more pharmaceutical drugs to boost up all those internal organs. But unfortunately, this is what happens after so many years of living \’\’and a fair amount of abuse that goes along with it.

CBD flower is not magic, but it does have restorative elements as it connects with our own Endocannabinoid System. Whether you consume CBD by a smoke with a hemp pre-roll or you infuse your morning coffee with CBD oil the restoration will begin to occur \’\’and pain will subside \’\’and the anxiety is moderated. Let’s look at some specifics as the CBD flower gets to work.

CBD bud oil infused lotion keeps the skin hydrated \’\’and healthy with antioxidant properties. In or out of the Hollywood scene many women receive collagen treatments to minimize aging appearances of lose wrinkly skin. Hemp plants produce two fatty acids for the CBD oil that is extracted from the flower – Omega 6 \’\’and Omega 3. Do you know what these two do? You are right! It stimulates the production of collagen in your skin. It is gentle \’\’and nourishing actually for the entire body as well.

CBD flower perfects lip balm in more ways than one. It soothes dry lips \’\’and it soothes tense emotions waiting for that job interview on Thursday morning. Inconspicuously you make this happen with a couple swipes of your CBD flower lip balm. The result? Soft moist lips \’\’and mentally focused calm. Dr. Strains CBD has just the product for you, all prepared \’\’and ready to use.

The Power in CBD Flower for the Woman of Today – All in For Relaxation

 CBD Hemp Flower Bath Bombs 

  • -1/2 cup epsom salts.
  •  1 cup corn starch.
  • -1 cup baking soda.
  • -1/2 cup citric acid (for fizz!)
  • – CBD oil (If you use CBD oil in your bomb, make sure it is specifically for skin care. If you use the sublingual CBD tincture, it cannot be absorbed by the skin.) OR you can use decarboxylate CBD hemp flower for specific effects.
  • 2 T oil ( coconut, avocado for additional moisture)
  • 1 t water.
  • 10 – 15 drops of organic lavender oil or other favorite essential oil.
  • 10–15 drops of your favorite liquid food coloring colors

Your last item needed is some bath bomb molds so you can make the perfect bath bomb. And that’s it, drop it in your bath \’\’and relax. If you want to be specific with dosing when using CBD oil, calculate how many milligrams of CBD is in each dropperful \’\’and drop that into one bath bomb.

To get the best results, make sure you soak in the bath for at least 30 minutes so that the CBD can go effortlessly through the pores in your skin \’\’and directly into the bloodstream. This is one of the quickest \’\’and most efficient ways to get CBD inside your body.

A CBD hemp flower bath bomb can provide just what your weary body needs when you are overwhelmed with anxiety \’\’and stress. This can be so effective in helping you mellow out after a hard day.

The Power in CBD Flower for the Woman of Today – All in For Fun


The inhaling of CBD bud by way of a hemp pre-roll or a hemp cigarette of other origin has long been considered the best bioavailability because it is referred to as pulmonary administration. When you come home from a hard day or a long week at work, you can sit with a smoke of CBD bud to relax without a negative over-sedation or a mental high that the THC in marijuana gives.

Dry Vape

The power of CBD flower for the woman of today also includes the fun of vaping which is a perfect way to enjoy the entourage effect of other plant oils \’\’and compounds that accompany CBD. So, call it an Entourage Effect Party to enjoy \’\’and share with your friends all the blessings of cannabinoids. The CBD bud vape can flood your body with, dependent on the flower strain you choose, either relaxation \’\’and calm without sedation, or energy, focus \’\’and productivity to throw the party of the season with your friends. Vaping CBD flower has a faster as well as an intense effect than other methods of consuming.

One of the best high-CBD bud strains to smoke is Elektra. It has a king’s ransom of potent aromas of citrus, sweet \’\’and piney. Elektra peaks in under 30 minutes to calm without inertia. And Elektra CBD Hemp Flower is ON SALE at Dr. Strains CBD this week. Perfect chance to stock up.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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