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cbdThe Relax or Balance or Uplift of the CBD Hemp Flower Mood Scale

The Relax or Balance or Uplift of the CBD Hemp Flower Mood Scale

The CBD hemp Flower mood scale goes from low to high to in the middle of balance. And by “high”, I do not mean psychotic high but uplift, inspired, and focused with some more than usual conversationalist in your system. Whether you dry vape or smoke or make edibles, etc these flowers place you where you need to be on the mood scale.

The CBD Hemp Flower Mood Scale – What the Breeders Do

For years now, even before the 2018 Farm Bill, breeders have crossed indica and sativa cannabis cultivars to produce “hybrid” strains or more intense sativa and higher purer indica.  Walking the line between sativa energy and indica calm, hybrid cannabis strains offer the best of both worlds.  While the differences between indica, sativa, and hybrid strains are clear to anyone who has seen Cannabis sativa plants in full bloom, the exact chemical differences between these types of cannabis have proven harder to determine.

It is well known that the terpenes determine the savors. But they do more than that. There are certain terpenes that intensify the health benefits that a flower is known for. This is true in the indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.  As the hemp flower matures, the genetic codes in each strain activate certain particular terpenes. It appears that, during the maturation process, the unique genetic codes present in each cannabis strain cause certain terpenes to be expressed instead of others, subtly modifying the effects that the mature flower provides.

CBD Hemp Flower Mood Scale — Relax Flowers

Indica CBD hemp flower mood scale goes down to “most relaxing effects”. Sativa and Indica may both have relaxing qualities because CBD in and of itself is relaxing.  If we are talking about CBD products other than the hemp flower, they will all present some relaxation whether it is full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate CBD. The relaxing effects are accentuated with the full-spectrum and the broad-spectrum because there will be the full entourage of terpenes and other natural compounds.

CBD hemp flower Mood Scale for relaxation includes the following flowers:


  • 11% CBD content, approx.
  • Indica
  • Outdoor Grown
  • Nighttime Use
  • Refreshing and relaxing; brings on sleepiness; best for relaxation.

Suver Haze

  • 16% CBD content, approx.
  • Indica
  • Outdoor
  • Before Bed
  • Help you to unwind after a long day; provide pain relief and muscle relaxation.

Special Sauce

  • 14% content, approx
  • Indica
  • Outdoor Grown
  • Day or Night
  • Has a variety of effects; used for anxiety, pain relief; creates a sense of tranquility.

CBD Hemp Flower Mood Scale – Balance Flowers

If you are looking for balance on the CBD hemp flower Mood Scale, the hemp buds should be fairly equal to indica and Sativa genetics. CBD is always relaxing, so it will not be totally balanced and will always lean toward relaxing. But the uplifting attributes of sativa will be significant.

Frosted Kush

Has a lower concentration of CBD than Bubba Kush but a higher of additional cannabinoids, providing a smooth, strong finish to your day. Plenty of potent terpenes works to keep your mind clear and focused, making this a top pick for evenings when you want to socialize and stay somewhat active. The sweet and sour flavor of Frosted Kush is intriguing and enjoyable, with hints of berries dueling with a sharper, almost skunky aroma.  It is a light green, machine-trimmed flower and 12% CBD and 12.7% total cannabinoids.

White Rabbit

  • 16% CBD content, approx.
  • Hybrid
  • Outdoor Grown
  • Day or Night
  • It can provide uplifting effects; to calming of body and mind.

Hawaiian Haze

  • 14% CBD content, approx.
  • Hybrid
  • Outdoor
  • Anytime
  • Well-rounded strain; multipurpose strain with an array of effects for relaxation and productivity; therapeutics cover anxiety reduction, pain relief; savors are citrusy and other tropical fruits tastes.

CBD Hemp Flower Mood Scale — Uplift Flowers

CBD products that are listed as sativa generally provide uplifting effects. For these effects to take place, however, it’s necessary to use full-spectrum CBD that keeps the terpenes naturally present in Cannabis sativa intact.  It’s also possible to reintroduce terpenes from sativa cannabis strains to boost the uplifting effect of a CBD product. In general, CBD products that you vape or smoke will have more potent uplifting effects since they take effect faster and with greater bioavailability.


  • 18% CBD content, approx.
  • Sativa
  • Outdoor
  • Morning or Daytime
  • Amazing for its electrifying properties; helps you maneuver through a long day; alert, active and motivated.

Sour Space Candy

This citrusy strain is a daytime user’s delight, with a brilliantly sharp profile that sets the senses dancing. Fresh tropical fruit scents spike then succumb to a mango and summer blossom aroma with hints of pine. Sour Space Candy tastes like cherries and spicy ripe plums and can kick-start your morning by boosting your mood.

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