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cbdThe Snowball Effect — Bacteria to Inflammation to CBD Flower

The Snowball Effect — Bacteria to Inflammation to CBD Flower

Bacteria to inflammation to CBD flower do have something in common \’\’and it is important for you to know. We may talk a lot about prevention of illness \’\’and disease but when it comes down to it, it is easy to forget or get caught up \’\’and ignore it.

Bacteria to Inflammation to CBD Flower — The Start

It starts with bacteria. Bacteria are a biological cell that make up a large domain of prokaryotic microorganisms. It has a number of shapes from spheres to rods \’\’and spirals.

Bacteria can happen in any part of our body as single cells, in pairs, chains or clusters.  So you may ask, “What causes bacterial infections?  They are caused by the transmission of bacteria because of people you meet, environmental things you come in contact with as well as eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water.

Noone is exempt from bacteria so anyone can become sick when exposed to bacteria. However, if that individual has a weak immune system, is  taking immunosuppressive medication, etc. you will be more susceptible to developing a severe bacterial infection. The chain of bacteria to inflammation to CBD flower is important because if bacteria is stopped, inflammation is mitigated.

Bacteria to Inflammation to CBD Flower — The Second Link in the Chain

Inflammation has a lot of power within your body because it can attack bones, joints, our skin, our blood \’\’and on \’\’and on. Taking one area of your body is the gut as it is not  only for the purpose of digesting food as trillions of organisms live there.  Inflammation starts at the cellular level in the form of swollen cells.

Besides that, 70% of your immune system is located in the GI tract so it is very important to halt inflammation. Once bacteria turns to inflammation the snowball has gained more speed, unfortunately. Joint pain, as well as other pain is often launched because of inflammation.

Think about your mouth, teeth \’\’and gums. This is a place where more bacteria can build up than almost anywhere. If it builds up there because of poor brushing \’\’and flossing habits then the next step is inflammation. Your gums swell in spots \’\’and your teeth get cavities \’\’and then the pain sets in.

Now the Snowball Gains Speed

In real life, if you are rolling a snowball, the bigger it gets the faster it moves down the hill. Pain increases in arthritic joins, oral pain advances \’\’and worst as the inflammation grows into something else.

Bacteria to Inflammation to CBD Flower — Then There is The CBD Flower

The CBD flower has many attributes not because FDA has said so or approved CBD. No, it is because bacteria to inflammation to CBD flower can be a pathway to health \’\’and the reason is many, many people have testified to how it has helped them.

And did you know that there are CB1 \’\’and CB2 receptors throughout your body which can be balanced with CBD flower dosing.   CBD bud activates the ECS \’\’and literally changes everything.

Wounds \’\’and Inflammation \’\’and CBD Flower

CBD flower cannabinoids could be effective for treating the skin inflammation \’\’and wound healing. Normally, a wound progresses through a variety of phases stretching from the initial trauma until complete healing.  Wounds that refuse to heal are stuck in the inflammatory phase.  Again, CBD hemp extracts have anti-inflammatory properties which can do a sort of reboot, so the wound moves passed that chronic inflammatory stage.

Wounds are susceptible to getting infected if not properly \’\’and frequently sterilized. Cannabinoids such as CBD have repeated exhibited antibiotic effects. CBD flower may not be FDA-approved but there is a growing volume of research from the scientist finding that CBD oil, lotion or cream all gave the body protection from a Staphylococcus infection. This is a bacteria which is extremely resistant to pharmaceutical antibiotics.  Wounds are particularly susceptible to this bacteria because it lives well in soft tissues.

Gut, Inflammation \’\’and CBD Flower

CBD is an immune modulator \’\’and a potent anti-inflammatory agent. Also, it seeks to keep the ECS in balance, \’\’and therefore has huge potential to impact the well-being of the gut by treating many digestive complaints.

The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is supposed to keep the entire body in homeostasis or in health. But sickness happens, disease comes \’\’and leaves the body vulnerable \’\’and there are encounters with environmental factors to upset that balance. These imbalances cause inflammation, inflammation upsets the cell action then there is more inflammation resulting in a vicious circle.

CBD bud oil or hemp bud nugs consumed have a way of interacting with our own ECS. It does this by reshaping \’\’and reformatting the receptors so they “get the message” from the neurotransmitters that have gotten disrupted.

Lung Inflammation \’\’and CBD Flower

Bacteria to inflammation to CBD flower flows right into many different types of inflammation. But now, let’s look at pneumonitis which refers generally to the inflammation of lung tissue. Pneumonia is one type of pneumonitis because that infection or bacteria causes inflammation. The difference is that pneumonitis refers more to noninfectious causes of lung inflammation.

Bacteria to Inflammation to CBD Flower – The Best Strains for Inflammation

  • NY CB Diesel is a strain high in alpha-pinene \’\’and beta-myrcene. Both these terpenes alleviate inflammation \’\’and great for pain relief in order to keep powering on.
  • Elektra CBD Hemp flower is outst\’\’anding as an anti-inflammation agent. It has a high terpene profile that provides a unique earthy smell with hints of pine, wood, citrus. It is also particularly helpful for those with asthma.
  • CBG Infused Special SauceThis unique combination with the extra dose of infused CBG makes it a particularly great hemp flower for inflammation.

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