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cbdThe “Spec” in Spectrum vs the “Electrify” in Elektra CBD Bud

The “Spec” in Spectrum vs the “Electrify” in Elektra CBD Bud

Generational Lineage — CBD Bud

Spectrum hemp strain is an indica-dominant hybrid \’\’and generally grown in Oregon. Not much is known about the descendants but based on its effects. 11% to 18%% CBD bud.  Even so it makes an entry level strain for those users just starting \’\’and wanting a perfect product.

The Elektra hemp strain breeds \’\’and grows in Oregon primarily. Originally, it was bred by crossing ACDC \’\’and Early Resin Berry hemp strains. Elektra is a sativa-dominant cross maintaining between 0.16% – 0.22% CBD content along with 0.3% THC or less.  Elektra hemp flowers have a sticky to the touch feel \’\’and buds of green \’\’and orange.

Effects of CBD Bud Strains

Spectrum hemp strain produces what is known in the hemp community as the “entourage effect.” Each of these contributes to the effect that moves on the senses for a full body of feeling \’\’and flavor. Spectrum hemp strain does not douse the body \’\’and mind with sleepiness but rather provides relaxation \’\’and the ability to unwind. It is also true about this strain since the effects are modest, it can be used for extended periods during the day when relief is needed.  Spectrum has mild effects on the body to a gentle body buzz. It is enough to guide the mind \’\’and body to relief from physical discomfort thus promoting a better disposition in a day that is over-fraught.

Elektra hemp strain provides a hint of sour with its use along with the flavor of the terpenes of pinene – pine tree, limonene – lemons, \’\’and myrcene – mangoes.  The tropical, citrusy, \’\’and earthy flavors delights users in the relaxing evening smoke poolside with friends. Its quick mellow effects give physical relief that also promotes a more restful night’s sleep. The Elektra hemp strain is a favorite for many smokers because it provides clean potent CBD effects but does not cloud the user’s behavior or mood.


Spectrum hemp strain has one taste in the beginning, herbal. Then hints of mint \’\’and spice force to the front as the first drag takes hold.  There is also the taste of moist soil, pine, citrus \’\’and spice.  The leafy notes of spice jab at the taste buds \’\’and give a gentle burning sensation on the back of the mouth.  The savors all tie in together in one aroma \’\’and taste profile.  The flavor profile is neat \’\’and subtle similar to the nature of the entire hemp strain’s effects.

The Spectrum CBD bud gives off a rich red wine, chocolate, \’\’and citrus aroma which lifts it up \’\’and above other CBD bud strains.  Another aroma which many point out is like sniffing a bunch of flowers in a pine grove.  The group of terpenes in the Elektra hemp flower complete the picture with Pinene, Myrcene, Limonene \’\’and Linalool. Purist hemp smokers prefer the skunky \’\’and strong flavor in some Elektra products similar to the smell of another hemp strain, sour diesel.

  • Caryophyllene – gives spicy \’\’and peppery aroma.
  • Humulene – gives an earthy, wood aroma of spice.
  • Limonene – Gives the citrusy smell of lemons.
  • Linalool – gives the marijuana smell, spicy \’\’and floral.
  • Pinene – gives aroma of pine.

Therapeutics of CBD Bud Strains

Spectrum CBD bud strain has a range of therapeutic benefits for those suffering from restlessness, nervousness, \’\’and unease.  The active terpenes are:

  • Caryophyllene – It is the only terpene that binds to CB2 receptors so is effective as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic \’\’and anti-anxiety properties.
  • Humulene – Medicinally, it suppresses appetite, prevents cancer cells from growing, relieves pain \’\’and is an anti-inflammatory.
  • Limonene – For therapeutic purposes, it is well known to improve mood \’\’and reduce stress, has anti-fungal \’\’and anti-bacterial properties \’\’and the ability to reduce tumor size.
  • Linalool – This terpene has strong sedative \’\’and relaxing properties because of the aromatic fragrances also found in lavender \’\’and cori\’\’ander so it is often used for insomnia. Is also effective with cancer, arthritis \’\’and seizures.
  • Pinene – It has anti-inflammatory properties \’\’and help with memory loss \’\’and helps with asthma, arthritis, Crohn’s disease \’\’and cancer.

The Elektra CBD bud assists asthma suffers; the young \’\’and older with ADD/ADHD as well as relief for the PTSD symptoms, stress, pain, inflammation, anxiety, \’\’and depression. Its calming effect makes Elektra hemp flower effective in treating anxiety, stress \’\’and sleep quality.   Adjusting the dose is simple with this high-CBD flower \’\’and there are many modes of consumption making is especially helpful when treating panic attacks \’\’and muscle spasms.

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