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hemp flowerThe Switch Series — From Nicotine to Smokable Hemp Flower

The Switch Series — From Nicotine to Smokable Hemp Flower

“From nicotine to smokable hemp flower could make a huge difference for health \’\’and experience for you \’\’and do not forget all about those delicious savors.”


Dr. Strains CBD Hemp Flower Comparison for Summer’s Hot Specials!

Blue Dream Hemp Flower Smalls — 1/2 oz for $14.99

This Blue Dream flower has a green crystalized coating of trichomes. With over 11% CBD this strain will give you a smooth smoke with a clear head!  Smalls are just as potent \’\’and delicious but are even more convenient to use in edibles \’\’and making your own hemp roll are grinding for your vaporizer.


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  • The Mechanics of the Switch
  • The Why of the Hemp Flower Smoke
  • Tools of the Trade
  • The Bottom Line
  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


From nicotine to smokable hemp flower has definitely become the go-to for wanting to overcome the nicotine addiction as many find a helping h\’\’and from the hemp phenomena. An addiction is difficult to break, change, eliminate or whatever word you want to use. Often the addiction has more to do with idleness of one’s h\’\’ands. So, there is the open door for smokable hemp flower to take care of the h\’\’and idleness \’\’and with a dose of health as well.

From Nicotine to Smokable Hemp Flower – The Mechanics of the Switch

In 2018, there were more than 5,000 CBD users in the U.S. 24% of those 5,000 have used CBD smokable hemp flower to quit smoking nicotine.  There are many ways of consuming hemp flower but one of the most common is smoking the hemp flower in a hemp pre-roll, rolling your own hemp roll, dry vape or vape pen. The reason that smoking hemp flower has the most benefits \’\’and is the preferred method of ingestion is because of the pulmonary administration delivering it more quickly \’\’and with more potency directly to the bloodstream.


When you start your shopping experience for smokable hemp flower, you will have two decisions to make – where to purchase smokable hemp flower \’\’and which hemp strain to purchase.


From nicotine to smokable hemp flower can take place at Dr. Strains CBD brick \’\’and mortar \’\’and online to get premium product at the best price around \’\’and the information you need to make a decision. It is also here that you have a variety of Indica or Sativa \’\’and now they have a selection of D8 flowers.


From Nicotine to Smokable Hemp Flower – The Why of the Hemp Flower Smoke

You may decide to make the switch from nicotine to smokable hemp flower just because you want to break the addiction with nicotine. On the other h\’\’and, you may specifically want to smoke hemp flower in order to dose with CBD \’\’and all the other natural compounds.


Learning proper dosing to possibly address health needs involves dosing regularly throughout the day. When you purchase your hemp flower or your hemp pre-roll, the Certificate of Analysis will have listed the amount of CBD in each gram. Hemp flower is non-intoxicating because it is federally required to have 0.3% or less of THC. Generally, a dose of 20 mg to 50 mg of CBD is recommended. You can divide this dose up however you wish throughout the day.


From Nicotine to Smokable Hemp Flower — Tools of the Trade

Whether you are going to use a Yocan Vaporizer or roll your hemp joint, you will need to grind the flower. Many flowers have a sticky consistency which is a good trait because it depicts a good supply of terpenes, but it is not pleasant to have your fingers covered in sticky if you crumble in by h\’\’and. Dr. Strains CBD has the tools to take you from nicotine to smokable hemp flower including grinders(3) in a variety of colors \’\’and themes.


The Last

CBD infused coffee \'\'and tea


From nicotine to smokable hemp flower puts you in touch with exquisite flavor as this form of consumption brings out the entire savors profile of the bud. Or, you can try the dry vaping to enjoy an even fuller extent of savoring savors. Vaping eliminates the need to incinerate the hemp flower. Instead, it vaporizes the flower making it go through your lungs more as a steam. But it still maintains the more rapid bioavailability.




If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.


Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”

Are you looking for CBD bud products? Good News! We continue through 2021 with bang-up additions. For this reason you must visit Dr. Strains CBD to enjoy new inventory.


Dr. Strains CBD has CBD-infused Topicals

CBD Isolate Roll-On @ $18.99

A perfect way to target a specific pain area is by using a topical form. Dr. Strains is now offering 500mg CBD Pain Relief roll-on! This is a perfect way to apply to the surface while keeping your h\’\’ands clean \’\’and away from the product.


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Dr. Strains CBD has “Delta 8” Series

Lifter Delta D8 Hemp Flower @ $39.99 for ½ oz.

This Lifter D8 flower has a citrus lemon aroma \’\’and is a perfect day strain to get err\’\’ands done while feeling calm!


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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.



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