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Strain ReviewThe What, The Why & The Which of Top Shelf CBD Hemp Buds

The What, The Why & The Which of Top Shelf CBD Hemp Buds

CBD hemp bud strains are multiplying every season \’\’and here is the reason for that. If the hemp cultivator cross breeds two strains which are already known to consistently produce a high CBD, then the new strain will not double CBD percent, but it will create a more consistently high CBD hemp strain.  Many health benefits continue to surface to the point Charlotte’s Web CBD hemp strain was recognized in the first CBD FDA drug. There are particular qualities which define a hemp flower as top shelf hemp buds. They include appearance as well as how broad the profile is of savors \’\’and health benefits.

The “What” of Top Shelf Hemp Bud

The first question we will answer here is what is top shelf? A top shelf hemp bud is a high-quality cannabis hemp product. It is also most expensively priced hemp flower, but top shelf means much more.  The top shelf hemp bud will

  • display an amazingly pleasing flower structure,
  • demonstrate exquisite terpene savors,
  • possess a high cannabinoid content.

When you are purchase your selected top shelf CBD hemp buds, you may do it first by how it looks just because when it is visually pleasing it affects our desire to have it. So, it is important for the top shelf hemp bud to be visually appealing even though it does not affect the taste. But next, why the hemp flower is top shelf is that it has a harmonizing collection of terpenes which do affect the taste \’\’and the aroma for the hemp enthusiast.

Thirdly, but very much of importance is the abundance of cannabinoids. This is where the high CBD content is calculated as well as all the other cannabinoids which are also important contributing factors to the health benefits.

The “Why” of Top Shelf

The cannabinoids \’\’and the terpenes as well as a wide range of other natural compounds in the CBD hemp flower are what provide the plethora of health benefits in CBD hemp. Even when there is the 0.3% THC which is the legal limit, all these compounds work together to enhance its effectiveness.

Some think that CBD hemp isolate is best because it is pure CBD but unless you are allergic to other compounds, CBD isolate is not more effective.

The “Which” of Top Shelf CBD Hemp Buds

The variety of hemp buds are multiplying quickly much to the delight of hemp enthusiasts globally. We are talking about top shelf  CBD hemp buds here, but another factor must be considered \’\’and that is personal preferences. But you will never go wrong when choosing a top shelf CBD hemp bud

Cherry Abacus CBD Hemp Flower

Cherry Abacus are top shelf CBD hemp buds at 20% CBD \’\’and a strong cannabinoid profile with CBDA \’\’and CBA at 20%.  The cross to breed Cherry Abacus did so to maximize the colorful berry terpene profiles.  The buds are dense \’\’and range in size from small to large. Top shelf CBD hemp buds display an amazingly pleasing flower structure \’\’and Cherry Abacus fulfills this with crystal-hair-like trichomes covering leaves \’\’and stems. The terpene profile is strong \’\’and broad with aromas of pine, diesel \’\’and a sparkle of berry sweetness that creates magic in a recreational smoke \’\’and health relief in various venues.

Mr. Rainbow CBD Hemp Bud

Mr. Rainbow hemp flower comes in at 22.3% CBD, which is higher than most strains. It is considered the best when considering potency, \’\’and the terpene profile in these crystal-covered nugs. These qualities elevate it to top shelf quality CBD hemp buds. With multiple cannabinoids the health benefits are multiplied.

OG Kush CBD Hemp Flower

Again, remember, top shelf CBD hemp buds are usually high CBD, but that is not all. OG Kush has a delightful bud that has a luscious coating of crystalline trichomes. This bud gives an exceptional smoking experience with all the effects of a wide-range in the savors of the terpene profiles.

Other top shelf CBD hemp buds are as follows:

  • Sour Space C\’\’andy CBD Hemp
  • Green Gas CBD Hemp
  • Jack Frost CBD Hemp
  • Sour Diesel CBD Hemp

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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