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cbdThere is a Difference how CBD interacts with Receptors CB1 & CB2

There is a Difference how CBD interacts with Receptors CB1 & CB2

CB1 Receptors are mostly found throughout your central nervous system. CB2 receptors are found in the central nervous system but are mainly in the immune system. When external cannabinoids like CBD is introduced to the body, it begins to interacts with these receptors as a modulator. This means that the CBD product has an impact on the CB receptors but how CBD interacts with receptors is different with CB1 than with CB2. CBD, also blocks the effects of the cannabinoid THC has on the CB1 receptors.

How CBD Interacts with Receptors—The Scientists

When scientists started examining the body, they discovered a web of receptors, enzymes, \’\’and biochemical pathways connected to our body’s own endocannabinoids. Scientists have also discovered that external cannabinoids will interact with our own endocannabinoid system.

Today scientists are developing ways to target specific CB receptors in localized areas of the body or brain without triggering the entire endocannabinoid system. Individuals suffering from specific disorders will benefit from this advancement.

How CBD Interacts with Receptors – What Breaks Down the ECS?

Our own endocannabinoid system releases its cannabinoid molecules with the main function of the endocannabinoid system is to regulate \’\’and maintain bodily homeostasis to regulate harmony at all times. So, you are probably saying, “If the endocannabinoid system is so efficient, why do I need to supplement with CBD hemp flower?”

Our bodies encounter environmental factors that break down our bodies, so they are vulnerable to disease. Many things we do including how badly we eat, the stress we live with daily \’\’and other abuses that overpower us. That is when CBD hemp flower steps in \’\’and

How CBD Interacts with Receptors – “Two St\’\’anding Guards”

Each of the two cannabinoid receptors, CB1 \’\’and CB2, are the guards posted at the city wall, as it were, waiting for the messengers. In case you are wondering, the CB receptors sit on cell surfaces waiting for neurotransmitters to bind to them. When they bind, then something else happens that is specific to that particular cell. If the CB receptors are sitting on a cell that is responsible for building immunity, after the neurotransmitter binds to the receptor, immunity improves.

How CBD Interacts with Receptors – CB1 \’\’and CB21 of it All

The network of CB receptors throughout our body is impressive \’\’and the reason that CBD is so effective to restore homeostasis in our bodies. The CBD has access to all parts of our body through this immense network.

CB1 Receptors

CB1 receptors are mostly found throughout the central nervous system. When CBD is introduced into the body, the way it interacts with the receptors is that it changes the way the receptor functions rather than activating the receptor.  CB1 receptors are essential for a healthy functioning brain so that includes memory, mood, motor function, or your perception of pain.

CB2 Receptors

Since CB2 receptors are usually in our immune system they reign over inflammation. Inflammation, without a doubt, causes a lot of problems in our bodies including our response to pathogens in our space. CBD hemp flower is particularly effective to combat arthritis, asthma, allergies, autoimmune disorders or digestive issues which inflammation causes.

When CB2 receptors are in the central nervous system, they are in the peripheral sector which also is associated with the immune system \’\’and inflammation response. CBD does activate the CB2 receptors which is different than how CBD interacts with the CB1 receptors. Because of this CBD can relax the body.

Do you know what happens when your body relaxes \’\’and eliminates the stress? The body starts to repair itself \’\’and heals. CBD helps to reduce the sensation of pain without impairing cognition. The CB2 receptor carries more weight in regard to targeting pain management.

How CBD Interacts with CB Receptors — Balancing the Body

Most cannabinoids can bind to both types of receptors. Unfortunately, the endocannabinoid system is very easy to throw out of balance when we are under stress, eating a bad diet \’\’and virtually no exercise. Part of the fault is our modern lifestyles that takes a toll on the natural system of our bodies.

Effectiveness of Full Spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD products are more effective as they can create the Entourage Effect. This is when all the natural compounds in CBD work together to have the best rebalance \’\’and restorative impact.  There are more than 100 different phytocannabinoids but here is something you may not know.

Each one of the different cannabinoids has a slightly different interactions with the CB receptors of the ECS. CBD may be the dominant one \’\’and the one that seems to be the most important. CBD is in the highest percentage but all the cannabinoids have a part to play.

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