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cbdThey Say, “Follow the Money;” We Say, “Follow the Hemp Cannabinoids.”

They Say, “Follow the Money;” We Say, “Follow the Hemp Cannabinoids.”

“Follow the hemp cannabinoids can only lead to good things of savors, health benefits \’\’and enjoyment.”


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Cannabinoids, cannabinoids, yes, they are as telling as the money trail of the corporate embezzler. It all goes back to the cannabinoids that drive the benefits of the hemp flower. More \’\’and more is coming to light about them \’\’and additional cannabinoids we had not previously heard much about are coming to the surface as researchers continue to delve into this amazing plant.




  • The Cannabinoid Explanation
  • The Link Between Cannabinoids \’\’and the ECS
  • CBD “Hemp Elite”
  • CBG “Hemp Gr\’\’andma”
  • CBC “Hemp Wire Up”
  • CBN “Hemp Night Time Elixir”
  • Today’s Feature Post
  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


Without a doubt CBD is the most important cannabinoid in hemp however, as research continues, other cannabinoids are coming to light with specific expressions.  Science shows irrefutable evidence of the cannabinoids \’\’and the health benefits they address.


Follow the Hemp Cannabinoids – The Cannabinoid Explanation

Cannabinoids are molecules or compounds found only in cannabis plants of marijuana \’\’and hemp. Cannabinoids have health-promoting properties but so do other natural compounds so why are the hemp cannabinoids so special.  Here it is. This is why they are special \’\’and interact with our bodies to put us on the path to health \’\’and wellness. It all lies in the compatibility of the cannabinoids with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which we all have. Scientists only discovered it during the 1990s.


The primary function of the ECS is to maintain homeostasis in our bodies. Another way to say this is internal equilibrium or balance. It is a difficult job because we have many systems in our body that have the potential of mal functioning. Throw in bad eating habits, excessive stress \’\’and other things that we do to decimate the health of our body.


Follow the Hemp Cannabinoids – The Link Between Cannabinoids & the ECS

There is a link between the cannabinoids \’\’and the ECS similarly as between Vitamin C \’\’and your immune system. But the difference is that cannabinoids strengthen all our bodily systems by helping to restore homeostasis so that they work together better.


Follow the Hemp Cannabinoids — CBD (Cannabidiol) “Hemp Elite”

When the 2018 Farm Bill was signed, CBD exploded as consumer dem\’\’and skyrocketed. Now the scientist \’\’and researchers are catching up with what the consumers already have experienced.  Some people need scientific proof \’\’and the community at large respects what the science shows which has caused the medical professionals to take notice. The most notable health benefits include anxiolytic, anti-inflammatory properties, neuroprotective effects \’\’and great pain relief.


Follow the Hemp Cannabinoids – CBG (Cannabigerolic) “Hemp Gr\’\’andma”

CBGa is the first molecule that hemp produces \’\’and is also the gr\’\’andma of other cannabinoids. Then CBG (Cannabigerol) is hemp’s rising star.  CBG is also non-psychoactive but in the maturing process of the hemp flower, most of CBG converts to THC \’\’and CBD. Most fully matured strains only have a small concentration of CBG.  Since this is a fact, expert breeders \’\’and scientists are learning the precise time to harvest the crops to preserve the highest levels of CBG.


The benefits of CBG are quickly climbing close to the heights of CBD \’\’and besides they have benefits for glaucoma, Crohn’s disease, tumors, \’\’and most importantly IBD or inflammatory bowel disease.


Follow the Hemp Cannabinoids — CBC (Cannabichromene) “Hemp Wire-Up”

CBD is in low percentages in the heap flower but it has a significant impact on neuroplasticity or the ability to rewire your brain. And it also has other effects on brain health, particularly as it relates to mood.


CBN (Cannabinol) “Hemp Nighttime Elixir”

When THC is exposed to oxygen \’\’and ages, the concentration of CBN increases. The research so far shows that CBN has sedative qualities.



CBD Hemp Strains Review the Cunning Hempress \’\’and the Pounce of the Pink Panther

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Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”

Are you looking for CBD bud products? Good News! We are starting 2021 with bang-up additions to our inventory such as the following:


New to Dr. Strains CBD “Indoor Grown Series”

Orange Slice Indoor Hemp Flower – Another top tier indoor grown at 15%. With orange terpene profiles \’\’and hues of orange hairs this h\’\’and trimmed selection can’t be missed.


Dr. Strains CBD Explores D8 Flower “Power”

160 mg D8 Gummies — Dr. Strains CBD’s premium D8 gummies are made from our premium greenhouse grown hemp flower. Each 4 pack contains 160mg of D8 for only $11.99!

Space C\’\’andy D8 Flower — Infused with D8, this flower will have enhanced effects of the favorite Space C\’\’andy.  Try a 1/2 oz. now for only $24.99!

Cherry Diesel D8 Flower — Infused with D8, this flower will have enhanced effects of the favorite Cherry Diesel.  Try a 1/2 oz. now for only $24.99!


Dr. Strains CBD has Topical Inventory

CBD Bath Shot – 60 mg of CBD to enhance your next bath \’\’and leave it smelling like roses \’\’and lavender. Your skin will come out all soft \’\’and silky

CBD Sore Muscle Rub — Dr. Strains is now offering KushCare CBD sore muscle rub. This product is used for body aches, arthritis/joint pains \’\’and muscle tension. KushCare CBD products are all natural \’\’and h\’\’andcrafted with their own infused CBD oil. This 300mg CBD sore muscle rub has a 3 hour infusion process.


Mini Bath Bombs — A perfect way of self care while still getting your daily dose of CBD. Each bomb carries with it 45 mg of CBD for $3.99 \’\’and the large bath bombs have 100 mg of CBD at $799!

  • Sativa Bomb — Peppermint, Eucalyptus or Tangerine
  • Indica Bomb — Lavender or Frankincense


CBD Bath Dust Bomb — What better way to show love \’\’and care to yourself by giving yourself love through selfcare! Dr. Strains is now offering KushCare 135mg CBD bath dust bomb! With this product you are able to add as little or as much fizz to your bath! KushCare CBD products are all natural \’\’and h\’\’andcrafted with their own infused CBD oil.


NEW for 2021! Our new Hemp Starter Kit – Rolling tray, ½ oz of flower, grinder, wraps, tips \’\’and papers. All this for ONLY $19.99


Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.



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