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hemp flower“Tic for Tac” — Answers for Questions About Delta 8 Hemp Flowers

“Tic for Tac” — Answers for Questions About Delta 8 Hemp Flowers

“Answers for questions about Delta 8 hemp flowers are swirling as this product is rising like a tsunami in states \’\’and communities everywhere.”


Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower is only $9.99 for a 1/2oz!

Our fruity \’\’and well balanced nose cherry blossom hemp flower is priced at a steal! With 14% CBD \’\’and double machined trimmed to perfection you can’t ask for a better starter strain.

Dense with smaller to medium buds \’\’and lightly seeded this Cherry Blossom is the perfect starter strain for new CBD enthusiasts.  Enjoy 14 grams of our Cherry Blossom hemp flower at an unbeatable price of $9.99!


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  • What is the Chemical \’\’and Legal of it All?
  • How Does it Make You Feel?
  • Which Hemp Flowers?
  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


About Delta-8 hemp flower is relatively new to the market so it is imperative that you find a vendor with quality product \’\’and really Delta 8 \’\’and not something synthetic. Dr. Strains CBD is your vendor with tested \’\’and tried products always!


Answers for Questions About Delta 8 Hemp Flowers – What is the Chemical \’\’and Legal of it All?


Nearly all Delta-8 is manufactured from hemp-derived CBD, which legally speaking, falls under the regulations from the 2018 Farm Bill.  This Bill reads as follows, “All derivatives, extracts, cannabinoids, isomers, acids, salts, \’\’and salts of isomers, whether growing or not, with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration of not more than 0.3 percent.”


Delta-8, like delta-9, binds to the body’s Endocannabinoid System ( ECS) which results in the high. To get chemically technical here, about Delta 8 hemp flowers \’\’and Delta 9 both have a double bond in their structure. So that is why they both cause a “high”. However, the double bond is found in different locations in the chemical structure so that is why Delta 9 THC causes an intense potent high \’\’and Delta 8 THC brings on a very measured sense of euphoria or a minor “high”.


The Delta 9 THC has a double bond on the 9th carbon \’\’and Delta 8 THC has it on the 8th carbon. Because of this different positioning of the double bond, it also interacts differently with the ECS.


Answers for Questions About Delta 8 Hemp Flowers – How Does it Feel?

Delta-8 is another one of the hemp cannabinoids \’\’and is becoming popular because of its similarity to THC but without the intensity. However, it does provide euphoria, happiness, sedation \’\’and symptom relief.  Number one on the list of things for you to discover today is that Delta-8 does the body good. Delta 9 THC is the less friendly egotistical older brother of Delta 8.  Delta 8 offers a more lowkey “in-control” experience that is not anxiety laden.


Answers for Questions About Delta 8 Hemp Flowers – Which Hemp Flowers?

About Delta 8 hemp flowers starts with any strain of hemp flower that the vendor wants to use. However, it is important to have a hemp flower that is sturdy \’\’and with a dense bud so that it holds up under the processing. Since the Delta 8 distillate darkens the hemp flower in color, it is best to choose a flower that is a light green color, so it does not darken to an undesirable color. Then the hemp flower is sprayed with Delta 8 which gives it a frosty look.  Lastly it is rolled in kief for the final process.


Dr. Strains CBD has these Delta 9 Hemp flowers:

  • Bubba Kush D8 hemp flower
  • Delta 8 Moonrock hemp flower
  • Lifter D8 hemp flower
  • Space C\’\’andy D8 hemp flower



If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.


Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”

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Dr. Strains has Delta 8 Flowers

Delta 8 Moonrock @ $24.99

Delta 8 D8 Moonrock is one of our best flowers yet! Grown in 2021 by us at Dr. Strains, our base flower is Fruity Pebbles.  We grew this strain in our greenhouse \’\’and finished the last 3 weeks indoors! This flower has a gassy citrus nose filled with terpenes \’\’and covered in crystals.  You are in for an amazing experience with Delta 8 Moonrock because after the strain was dried \’\’and cured it was sprayed with our very own D8 oil as well as a generous coating in premium kief!  A must try hemp flower!

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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.


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