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Timing is Everything — How CBD Travels Through Your Body

CBD travels through your body differently depending on the method of consumption and partly the particular strain you may smoke or dry vape. Beyond these variables, there are things that affect the journey CBD takes.

CBD Travels Through Your Body – The Elements That Affect the Journey

CBD is effective, that is a factual absolute. Neither does CBD have any negative side effects. But we are all curious why it is effective, how it is effective, etc. All this is called the “pharmacokinetics of CBD. Let’s look at the factors that affect this journey through your body:

  • The amount you take,
  • The method of consumption,
  • The frequency you use CBD,
  • Your weight and age,
  • If you take CBD with food or not.

It is true that the larger amount of CBD you consume, the longer it will remain in your body to metabolize later. Smaller doses can be metabolized quickly. Now, we are talking about CBD oil (capsules), CBD-infused gummies, CBD mints, etc that you take pure and simple by mouth.

Now, let’s talk about another method of consumption – smoke or the vape. When you vape or smoke CBD, the cannabinoids bypass your digestive system and go directly into your bloodstream by way of the lungs.

CBD Travels Through Your Body – 4 Important Factoids

#1 Important Factoid

CBD is a lipid-soluble substance. Do you know what that means? It means that it builds up in your body’s fatty tissues. If you use CBD frequently, each subsequent dose of this cannabinoid that you ingest will build upon previous doses, increasing the amount of time it takes for your body to eliminate CBD.

#2 Important Factoid

As we age, many things change. Metabolism slows; wrinkles increase; memory fails; sensitives improve.  The body takes longer to eliminate what you ingest and that means that with increased BMI there is a build-up of lipid-soluble substances in the body.

#3 Important Factoid

Existing medical conditions also affect metabolism and that alters the length of time CBD stays in your body.

#4 Important Factoid

Ingesting CBD with food takes longer for the body to metabolize simply because it has to make the journey through your digestive system. That digestive system also takes away from the potency of CBD.

#5 Important Factoid

The liver filters out part of the CBD ingested orally by as much as only allowing 30% availably for benefiting the body. Dry vaped or smoked CBD has close to 100% bioavailability since your lungs execute the marching orders of the CBD to go directly to your bloodstream. Now to CBD-infused lotions which are applied topically. They have an extremely high bioavailability because they go directly to the source, not through your liver.

CBD Travels Through Your Body – The Skin to Joint Journey


Natural compounds like CBD hemp flower are best administered repetitively over a period of days and weeks to create an effective “load” in the body. So do not give up after 2 days of dosing if you feel nothing. The beneficial effects will come when your body is sufficiently “loaded”.

Applying CBD topicals directly to the site of joint pain is.  Your skin has its own Endocannabinoid System, so yes, this is a fast way to experience relief from joint pain.  This allows the CBD to reach your affected joints without being diluted throughout the rest of your body. Users generally report that the effects of CBD topicals last around 1-4 hours.

“The CBD Journey” Last Words

Hemp cannabinoids are stored in fat cells which are created when we have an excess of calories in our system. Remember calories are energy and if we do not need that energy or the CBD stored in the fat, we save it for later

CBD may stay in your system for from 6 hours up to 2 weeks. You will not likely feel the effects of the CBD for that entire time but when the “storage unit” is full it can be released at the needed moments to restore breakdowns in your Endocannabinoid System.

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