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cbdTipping the Scales with Effects of CBD Flower Types

Tipping the Scales with Effects of CBD Flower Types

“When you tip the scales with effects of CBD flower types you instantly have a variety of options to play with day and night.” These options include something for daytime, nighttime and some referred to as hybrid that will grace your day as well.  The hybrids come in different combinations of indica/sativa. Sometimes they are 50/50 indica/sativa making a great option for those with anxiety and need relaxing and calm but also energy to accomplish their day.

Then we have the Delta 8 flowers with options all their own.  Even though cannabinoids do not lend themselves to flavor and aroma, they do intensify the effects on the energizing side as well as the calming and relaxing side of it all.  There may be just three types – indica, sativa and hybrid – but the combinations of hybrids are countless.

Dr. Strains “Ghosts” Monstrous Hemp Flower Specials

Delta-10 Carts

IMG_20220317_161430__01-scaledNow introducingDelta-10 carts!  You’ve come to the right place as we are offering D10 carts in several strains: Blueberry, Green Crack, and Sunset Sherbert. Come in today and try one of the newest cannabinoids in these D10 carts at $34.99

  • Blueberry – Indica
  • Green Crack – Sativa
  • Sunset Sherbert – Hybrid



Wedding Cake D8 Hemp Flower @ $24.99

presenting the best CBD flower

This Indoor Wedding Cake D8 flower has a sweet and earthy aroma. With over 23% delta 8 this flower should leave you feeling relaxed with a clear active mind.  Wedding Cake is packed with 20% CBD and is packed with a mixture of natural terpene profiles. This indoor flower aims to leave you anxiety-free with a clear mind!  This flower has a tight trim and is packed with trichomes! Wedding cake is originated in California and is a cross of Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies which are known for its Indica effects.





  • Exploring the Indica Side
  • When to Choose the Sativa Type
  • Going the Distance with Hybrid Options
  • “Summin’ it All Up”
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With effects of CBD flower types, it is important to the hemp community to not only know their options but to know when to best utilize each type. If you decide to smoke or vape or infuse ground Sativa flower into your bedtime cookie snack, you will be most likely awake for most of the night. Sativa is energizing and “wakes you up” to get the job done but not the job of sleeping.

When we consider the indica side of the equation, we are now looking at the type of flower that you want to utilize in the evening and at night. Indica hemp flowers and indica-dominant flowers will first and foremost relax, calm and bring on the “sleep minions”.  It is only for daytime use if you are planning to be home in front of the tv munching popcorn.  It will definitely give you a relaxing spa day.

With effects of CBD flower types, the hybrid is next and there is an amazing variety of 50/50 Indica/Sativa or an Indica-dominant and the Sativa-dominant. Even though dominant, usually the non-dominant type still shows through and affects the smoke or vape.

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With Effects of CBD Flower Types – Exploring the Indica Side

The indica type flower used to be connected solely with marijuana because of its potential to be an extremely relaxing potion.  Then when you mix the indica type with high Delta 9 THC, you get a flower that will give the user a couch lock when he or she smokes or vapes it. The couch lock could last for several days and also include depression and paranoia in the aftermath. But that is the marijuana style indica, not the hemp style.  Now let’s look at the difference between the indica hemp flower strains.

But today we are talking about the hemp indica with effects of CBD flower types that relax and calm and helps to abort severe anxiety and PTSD.  Even though it relaxes and acts as a combatant against insomnia, couch lock is not on the menu.  The amount of relaxation and mental decluttering that happens when you smoke or vape the indica type flower will vary between people as well.  How it will affect you generally speaking, will be different than how it affects your neighbor or your co-worker.

with effects of CBD flower types

With Effects of CBD Flower Types – When to Choose the Sativa Type

So now we are considering the opposite of indica which is Sativa hemp flower.  The sativa effects are definitely for the daytime to wake you up and to energize you for the day ahead of you. With effects of CD lower types, we have so many options to offer the hemp community.  The Hawaiian Haze hemp flower is a Sativa flower which will motivate you and energize you from morning to late afternoon so you can get all your projects finished.

The Sativa type hemp flower may very well keep you awake at night with all that exploding energy. The strength of every Sativa type hemp flower is that it is a daytime flower which will wake you up in the morning and help to keep you going through the afternoon.  Yes, those afternoons that just stretch on and on and the projects multiply on your desk. Whether it is a pure Sativa flower or a Sativa-dominant flower, it will still energize you through your tough days. But here is what it will not do and that is “jitterize” you.

With Effects of CBD Flower Types – Going the Distance with Hybrid Options

The hybrid hemp flower has the most options because of varying potency or the indica type and the sativa type. Just because it is a Sativa-dominant flower does not mean all the dominant flowers have the same percentages. 75% Sativa and 25% Indica is a Sativa-dominant flower. But so is 60% Sativa and 40% Indica is still Sativa dominant but not as strong Sativa.  What you have to decide as a hemp flower user is how dominant you want the dominant type to be in the flower you smoke or vape.

The closer the percentages get to 50/50%, the more of a perfect energizer and calming element you will have. That may be the exact combination you need to quiet your anxiety and keep you energized as well to compete in the workplace. With effects of CBD flower types, there is something for everyone whether it is for energy level or for a particular health challenge. Here is where you journey continues as you search for not only the right hemp flower but the right indica/sativa combination to suit your particular health need or your anxiety levels throughout your day.

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The Culture of Hemp Flower Vaping

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evolve-d dry herb penYocan Vaporizers

Looking for an odorless way to smoke your dry flower? Dr. Strains CBD is introducing Yocan Vaporizers that will allow you to vaporize your hemp flower.  The colors we have are:
  • Green
  • Black
  • Rainbow

Our Yocan vaporizers are the perfect choice for customers who are looking to smoke their flower more discretely. The flower that is left in the chamber can also be used for edibles or oil extraction so there is NO WASTE!

zkittlescbd-600x450Zkittlez Hemp Flower at $24.99$41.99

Zkittlez hemp flower has rapidly become a fan-favorite in the last few years. Our Zkittlez is Greenhouse grown, offering nothing but the best quality of an Indica flower that will not leave you feeling like a couch potato.  CBD flower lover’s tools need the right kind of hemp flower and this strain is the exact one you need. Zkittlez is a breed from a mix of Grape Ape and Grapefruit, providing the user a flavorful fruity experience. Although an Indica, Zkittlez is a great strain to use to relax during any time of the day.



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