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cbdToday, You Need to Know About Nano-Emulsified CBD

Today, You Need to Know About Nano-Emulsified CBD

Many high-performing individuals such as athletes, are abandoning Ibuprofen \’\’and instead dosing with CBD for pain management. With the advent of the 2018 Farm Bill legalizing hemp, The World Anti-Doping Agency also approved it as an accepted substance for athletes to use. This was a great move to pave the way for a wellness revolution in the sports world. Now the world is hearing about Nano-Emulsified CBD which is adding another layer of effective healing \’\’and rebalance to the coffers.

About Nano-Emulsified CBD — Everything You Did Not Know

CBD, one of the 150 phytocannabinoids in a hemp plant comes with varying therapeutic effects for a variety of disorders in the body. It is important to know about Nano-Emulsified CBD because it is enhanced with an emulsifier, or carrier, that is added for a special purpose. Nano CBD is enhance with an emulsifier which improves the absorption of micro CBD particles into the body cells.

Nano is an abbreviated form of nanotechnology.  This is a form of technology that manipulate at the molecular level.  If you are good at math, nano refers to about one billionth of a meter.

About Nano-Emulsified CBD – The “Tiny” of it All

You say tiny; we say one billionth of a meter! Yes, Nano means tiny \’\’and CBD means health \’\’and balance. What you must know about Nano-Emulsified CBD is that the molecules are broken down into very tiny particles then coated with micro-carriers to enhance the delivery of the CBD into particularly targeted areas. Today, they are using the carrier called “liposomes”. It is a type of “fat pocket” made through assembling phospholipids.

About Nano-Emulsified CBD – Nano CBD Works Three Ways

CBD is widely accepted as an anti-inflammatory. It affects all the receptors all over your body, that has been already proven. Now the focus is to increase its effectiveness to more targeted spots.

The 1st of the Three Ways — Extreme Tiny Offers Results

We have already determined that Nano means small, very small. What you may not know about Nano-Emulsified CBD is that when the particles are smaller, it is easier to get to where it is going. For Nano CBD, the journey is directly to your bloodstream. The Nano technology breaks CBD down into extremely small particles which allows it to pass through cell membranes more easily. The nano particles also increase the surface of absorption so you can have faster results.

The 2nd of the Three Ways — Protecting CBD

CBD is an important natural substance that improves \’\’and promotes balance \’\’and health. But here is an additional factoid about Nano-Emulsified CBD. The carrier not only effectuates better delivery, but it also binds to the CBD molecules to protect the core compounds. This better assures a safe arrival at intended location. For example, the oral tincture of CBD digests in the gastrointestinal system so only about 6% reaches the bloodstream. Nano CBD facilitate optimal absorption with up to 80% bioavailability.

The 3rd of the Three Ways — Promoting Bioavailability

Bioavailability refers to the time it takes to reach our bloodstream \’\’and the strength with which it arrives. What you must know about nano-emulsified CBD is that it helps optimal absorption.  We know that smoking CBD flower provides the best bioavailability. Now with Nano-Emulsified CBD, you do not need to change your method of administration. The Nano-Emulsified CBD changes that for you.

“The Nano” Last Words

The thing about Nano-Emulsified CBD is that it greatly enhances the bioavailability of CBD oils \’\’and lotions but still everyone metabolizes CBD differently. It may take some experimentations to find the proper dose for you.

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