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cbdTruckin’ Over the Road — Truckers and CBD Hemp Flower

Truckin’ Over the Road — Truckers and CBD Hemp Flower

CBD hemp flower smokes for truckers may be new to truckers but so is CBD in general.  There is a lot we have to learn about CBD and that is one of our goals on this blog to educate with possibilities. As a host turn to CBD, truckers and CBD hemp flower for smokes rather than nicotine is becoming a new norm. Sitting in a truck for hours on end and day after day has a way of creating aches and pains.

Looking at the Trucker’s Work and Lifestyle

The life of a truck driver is strenuous and uncertain many days. It tends to promote an unhealthy lifestyle at best with sitting long hours behind the wheel and eating from a cooler if you are running behind schedule. But those who are over the road truck drivers usually enjoy a sense of exhilaration and freedom as they explore the wiles of the open road adventure. But there are sacrifices with the long days and weeks away from family.

CBD Hemp Flower Offers Deliverance

Truckers and CBD hemp flower uses include smokes to relax and also to have better focus.  It is never recommended to smoke marijuana before getting behind the wheel of any vehicle, particularly any type of large truck. But remember, we are talking hemp, which is different. CBD-rich hemp contains less than 0.3% THC, so it will not cause any type of psychoactive reaction. No matter how often truckers and CBD hemp flower smokes could help you get to your next delivery.

Truckers and CBD Hemp Flower Smokes Target Aches & Pains of the “Wheel Man”

With sometimes both hand on the wheel with outstretched arms will cause pain and muscle anxiety after several hours for you as truckers and CBD hemp flower can make a difference. If you have arthritis, the pain from inflammation will only be more intense. The fastest way to realize relief, comes with CBD hemp flower smokes because it has a direct passage to your bloodstream.

CBD Hemp Flower Smells Pleasant

CBD hemp flower smokes do not smell up the cab and leave lingering odors which annoy you later. Hemp smoke dissipates quickly so you do not have to smell stifling unpleasant scents later in the day or night.

The CBD Infused Gummies of it All

If you are not a smoker and still need relief, try the CBD gummies with you can let dissolve under your tongue to have a faster impact on you. And they taste wonderful in flavors of grape, strawberry and orange. Secondly you can also easily carry a container of CBD oil in capsules and “pop a cap” as needed. And remember August 21 – 23, Dr Strains CBD is giving a 30% off your entire order by using the code “myweekend”.

CBD Hemp Flower Smokes for Restful Sleep

With most over the road truck drivers, they have sleeper cabs which they will usually park in a noisy truck stop making restful sleep difficult. However, CBD hemp flower smokes can relax and quiet anxiety for you to sleep soundly.

CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls Offer Compact Convenience

Trying to drive a big rig and get a dropperful of CBD tincture into your mouth without spilling it all over yourself can be a challenge. CBD hemp flower smokes has a wide vary of options which as easy, portable and simple to light up. Once again, the CBC hemp flower smokes will give you relaxation and focus but not stink up your cab with nicotine and tar. You only need a suitable container for ash and something to light with and you are set up so you do not even leave stains behind.

Pre-rolls come is with different hemp flower strains which you can find here. (insert link) If you want more information about “rolling a smoke”, this is a blog post about hemp pre-rolls.

Truckers and CBD Hemp Flower — Smokes are Legal

Still, even after two years since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized Cannabis hemp, there are still individuals who think hemp is the same as marijuana. So, let us repeat here that marijuana and hemp are both cannabis, but marijuana has high percentages of THC and very, very little CBD. Hemp, according to the 2018 Farm Bill, has to be no more than 0.3% THC. Hemp naturally has high CBD, and some have very high percentages as the cultivators are continually crossbreeding to procure additional therapeutic benefits.

Truckers and CBD Hemp Flower — False/Positive Drug Test

If you ingest an unreasonably large amount of CBD containing 0.3% THC or less, there is a slight possibility it could accumulate enough to provide a false positive drug test. Be careful who you purchase your CBD hemp flower smokes from because they do not truthfully report amount of THC in their products.  All products at Dr Strains CBD have 3rd party testing. Dr Strains CBD also has a COA on all of their CBD hemp flowers so you know from a 3rd party what the contents are.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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