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Hemp StrainsUnder the Microscope Series — Hemp Flower Strain Differences

Under the Microscope Series — Hemp Flower Strain Differences

“Hemp flower strain differences are sometimes apparent but other times they are listed in the fine print, but the fine print matters.”



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What is the most significant hemp flower strains’ differences?



  • The Type Difference
  • Looking at The Savors Difference
  • Considering The Smoke or Dry Vape Difference
  • The Last Nugget
  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


The most significant hemp flower strain’s differences is no doubt whether it is indica or sativa because these two are drastically different. Indica is calming \’\’and relaxing good for the evening \’\’and night which sativa is energizing with productive \’\’and focused effects.


Hemp Flower Strains Differences – The Types Difference

The hemp difference may start with the “family name”. There are many who are still confused about the division of cannabis into two branches – hemp \’\’and marijuana. So let’s clear that up right here \’\’and now. Hemp is high CBD content \’\’and marijuana is high THC content. The type of hemp flower strain can energize or calm, but marijuana gives a psychoactive high.


Hemp flower strain differences then has another division \’\’and that is the Indica \’\’and Sativa difference. One of these two types is displayed in every hemp strain because whether straight Indica or simply Sativa or a hybrid mix, the influence is still there.


Hemp is Indica

Hemp indica may provide therapeutic benefits for those with anxiety issues \’\’and insomnia as well as chronic pain. Bubba Kush is another high CBD strain at 13% \’\’and all in indica.  Bubba Kush is a classic hemp flower with possible health benefits of more restful sleep, anti-anxiety \’\’and a lingering calm.


Hemp is Sativa

Charlotte’s Web hemp strain is full sativa so provides the user with heightened focus, alertness \’\’and creativity.  And it possesses very high-CBD content so also has amazing medicinal qualities. Charlotte’s web relaxes but no other indica influence since it provides an alertness \’\’and focus, it also productivity.


Hemp Flower Strain Differences – Looking at The Savors Difference

Savors includes flavors \’\’and aromas, \’\’and all hemp flowers have both \’\’and each hemp flower is different. The terpenes are responsible for the amazing savors of the hemp buds which vary the entire gamut. Hemp flower strain differences includes Hawaiian Haze has the most-lovely tropical savor of pineapple \’\’and citrus \’\’and delights of pine aroma for the user.


  • Cherry Abacus comes in with a strong pine smell with hints of berry.
  • The Cherry Blossom hemp strain is amazing with a subtle earthy cherry savor.
  • Sour Space C\’\’andy hemp strain provide pungent citrus \’\’and tropical flavors back ended with earthy savors.
  • Blue Dreams comes with flavors of blueberry \’\’and citrus delight the tongue \’\’and ease softly down the throat.
  • Legendary D8 Flower has a skunky \’\’and earthy aroma \’\’and with a spray of D8, it is intensified.


Hemp Flower Strain Differences – Considering the Smoke or Dry Vape Difference

The two methods of pulmonary administration with hemp flower is to smoke it by way of a hemp pre-roll or roll your own joint \’\’and by using the Yocan Vaporizer to dry vape the flower.  Hemp flower strain differences are in the aroma \’\’and the flavor between the smoke \’\’and the vape. There is a difference \’\’and sometimes with some strains it is more distinct than in others. Sometimes the vape is better; sometime the smoke is more flavorful.


This may be something you will have to experiment with because personal likes makes a definite difference.


The Last

CBD infused coffee \'\'and tea


Hemp strain differences are plenteous \’\’and the advantage to that is you are more likely to find just the right strain for you. Now with the advent of D8, all the savors \’\’and effects can be amplified.


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Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.


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