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cbdUnderstanding CBD Hemp Flower Consumerism — What the Shopper Really Wants

Understanding CBD Hemp Flower Consumerism — What the Shopper Really Wants

CBD hemp flower consumerism is growing by leaps and bounds as more and more people are enjoying relief from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia and much more. But in the beginning when the consumer starts out in their shopping endeavor, they may have a great deal of growing pains. This comes from the large amount of CBD hemp flower products available.

CBD Hemp Flower Consumerism – Mega Growth Invites Untested Products

As the market has exploded in product and vendors since 2018 Farm Bill was signed legalizing hemp, the door was also open for those trying to make a quick buck with watered down product. CBD hemp flower consumerism requires honesty from vendors, so the consumer is happy with his or her product and return for more purchases.

So the first questions that the consumer needs to ask for the COA or Certificate of Analysis on each product. Know that Hemp Seed Oil is not CBD Oil. If you are wanting CBD oil, then you need to read the small print and ask the vendor for the COA. If the vendor does not have 3rd party testing on their products, then be aware of a lessor product which will not get you the health benefits you are looking for.

CBD Hemp Flower Consumerism – Understanding the Beginner

If the vendor is honest and wants to sell the best product possible to their consumer, they will help the beginner to know the questions he or she needs to ask. The vendor will offer the fact that their product is 3rd party tested. Dr. Strains CBD is one of those vendors who prides them selves in the number of returning consumers. They buy their product with one purpose and that is to buy high quality hemp flower at the most reasonable price.

The vendors who want to make a fast buck water down their product and charge a high price for it. If you are a beginner in the hemp community, take your time to make sure you are asking the right questions to get the best potency for the best price.

CBD Hemp Flower Consumerism – Explaining the Market

The CBD industry continues to rocket upwards as many individuals find relief from negative symptoms. CBD hemp flower consumerism changes also as sales become more virtual and online. It is still possible to ask the right question as most online vendors have box where comments and questions can be sent. At the end of this blog you will have an opportunity to send a message, ask a question or give input.

The market should be geared to the consumer and with all the information out there CBD hemp flower consumerism is more knowledgeable than previously. The market must be transparent like Dr. Strains CBD is. They buy their hemp flower nugs from small farms which pay an extra attention to growth, harvest and trimming. Then the goal is to sell at the best price you can find anywhere.

CBD Hemp Flower Consumerism – Giving the Right Answer to the Wrong Question

The new CBD hemp flower shopper may not know the right question to ask. So, the vendor should be prepared to ask the right question of the consumer so he or she can make an intelligible purchase. For example, if the consumer wants a hemp flower strain that is good for the evening use that will relax and combat insomnia, the choice is Bubba Kush or some other Indica strain.

CBD hemp flower consumerism points the way to a sativa dominant strain for the morning or mid-afternoon when you need to be energized. Elektra is a wonderful sativa dominant hemp flower strain which will give you the energy you need for the day.

“What the Shopper Wants” Last Words

If you are a vendor and reading this, make sure your product is 3rd party tested and honestly labeled. You owe that to your customers and it is a great way to build a clientele that trusts you with their CBD hemp flower needs.

If you are a consumer looking for the best vendor, take your time to choose and learning the right questions to ask so that you can get the product you want and deserve for best results.

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