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Strain ReviewWatermelon Haze Hemp Strain

Watermelon Haze Hemp Strain

A juicy slice of watermelon on a hot, summer day can best describe the Watermelon Haze hemp strain on that same summer day but with added restful, clear relaxation. This is an exceptional cultivar for users who want an evening and daytime without stress and anxiety.

In the Beginning and History

Watermelon Haze was birthed from Watermelon as the first parent and the second parent is an undefined phenotype of Haze.  This relaxing cultivar clears the mind most of all because once the mind is relieved of its burdens, the physical stresses often lift.  Watermelon Haze is on all counts a potent cultivar to calm the body.

No cultivators have claimed to be the originators of the Watermelon Haze hemp strain. Even with that lack of information, this hemp strain is a showcase of savors including pine and earthy

“Hazing” with The Watermelon Sensation

Various hemp strains react in different time frames, some slow, some quick. Watermelon Haze hemp strain is slower reacting with its effects. A few tokes puff or drag and you will not sense any type of “hazing”.  Then as the minutes pass in slow motion this impressive cultivar reveals its potency occurs in a subtle but noticeable way. Clarity, a pleasant lightness consumes your cognition which causes mental clutter to evaporate into calm.

Watermelon Haze with pre-rollThe head may sense the effects first, but it steadily moves to the rest of the body in a tranquil calm. Who does not welcome relief from pressure, stress, and shoulder tension? The “hazing” replaces these with relaxation and slow rhythmic breathing in place of gasping for a breath of life as it were.  Then the next step is restful sleep.

Importance of not only sleep but relaxed deep sleep is vital to your well-being around the clock.  Watermelon Haze hemp strain provides that type of relaxation because of how it impacts the body and the mind during the nighttime hours. Then you wake up refreshed rather than tired; alert rather than dazed and ready for whatever the day presents to you.

The Watermelon Haze Hemp Strain — Genetics

Watermelon Haze hemp strain genetics reveal a powerful 80% indica-dominant strain with 16% to 21% CBD content. This hemp strain requires about 55 to 60 days of flowering time but is a delight for growers because of its high yield and potency. The buds are dense and flavorful with these valuable terpenes:

  • 32% caryophyllene,
  • 19% myrcene,
  • 17% limonene,
  • 10% humulene,

Color, Taste, Aroma

A light fruitiness permeates the Watermelon Haze’s flavor profile, but it also blends together tastes of tropical fruit in a pleasant mildness.  For the users who prefer the light fruity savors rather Watermelon Haze hemp strain for the win.than the strong earthy undertones, Watermelon gives you the perfect “hazing experience”. Utilizing a vape best highlights the fruity flavor which this hemp strain is best known for.

Watermelon Haze Hemp Strain –Therapeutic Benefits

Watermelon Haze has a valuable calming and relaxing effect so works well as a sleeping aid and also as an appetite stimulant.

  • 32% caryophyllene — This terpene primarily interacts with the CB2 receptor of our endocannabinoid system
  • 19% myrcene – The scents bring on peaceful meditation, supports relaxation and sleep;
  • 17% limonene – This terpene acts as a stress-reliever and mood enhancer;
  • 10% humulene – Mixes with CBD content to intensify the benefits.


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