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cbdWatermelon Haze “Throws a Party” with Sour Cheese CBD Flower Strains

Watermelon Haze “Throws a Party” with Sour Cheese CBD Flower Strains

It is party time with Watermelon Haze dancin’ it up with Sour Cheese CBD Flower Strains. Let’s take a look at each one of these remarkable strains to see what their savors are as well as their CBD content \’\’and terpene profile.

CBD Flower Strains – Watermelon Hazing Time

This is an exceptional cultivar for the users who want an evening \’\’and daytime without stress \’\’and anxiety – a potent cultivar to calm the body. Watermelon Haze was birthed from Watermelon as the first parent \’\’and the second parent is an undefined phenotype of Haze.

Watermelon Haze hemp strain is slower reacting with its effects because even after a few tokes, puffs or drags you will not sense any effect till minutes pass. But the good thing about many strains which come on slowly is that they also last longer. Watermelon Haze provides clarity, a pleasant mental lightness that causes mental clutter to evaporate.

The head may sense the effects first, but it steadily moves to the rest of the body in a tranquil calm. The indica CBD flower strains have a tendency relax your breathing, so you do not feel like you are gasping for air. This is a great preamble to a restful sleep.

The importance of not only sleep but relaxed deep sleep is vital to your well-being around the clock.  Watermelon Haze hemp strain provides that type of relaxation because of how it impacts the body \’\’and the mind during the nighttime hours. Then you wake up refreshed rather than tired; alert rather than dazed \’\’and ready for whatever the day presents to you.

Watermelon Hazin’ Genetics

Watermelon Haze hemp strain genetics reveal a powerful 80% indica-dominant strain with 16% to 21% CBD content. It has high yield as well with dense buds \’\’and flavorable with valuable terpenes. We hear a lot about the health benefits in the cannabinoids of the hemp flowers, but we also need to take into serious consideration the impact of terpenes. Here are the terpenes found in Watermelon Haze.

  • 32% caryophyllene,
  • 19% myrcene,
  • 17% limonene,
  • 10% humulene,

The Watermelon Haze’s flavor profile blends together tastes of tropical fruit in a pleasant mildness.  This flower is for users who prefer the light fruity savors rather than the strong earthy undertones.  Its best highlights are the fruity flavor it is best known for.

Watermelon Haze Therapeutic Benefits

Watermelon Haze has valuable calming \’\’and relaxing effect so works well as a sleeping aid \’\’and also as an appetite stimulant.

  • 32% caryophyllene — Interacts with CB2 receptors of endocannabinoid system;
  • 19% myrcene – bring on peaceful meditation, supports relaxation \’\’and sleep;
  • 17% limonene – acts as a stress-reliever \’\’and mood enhancer;
  • 10% humulene — it intensifies the benefits of CBD.

CBD Flower Strains – Sour Cheese Hemp Flower Strain

The Sour Cheese CBD hemp flower strain delivers a potent dose of CBD with ultra-low concentrations of THC.  The cultivators careful farming practices help to better amplify the genetics that users are looking for.

The assumption of breeders is that this strain originated with parents named Cheese \’\’and Sour Diesel but recently some think that Strawberry Diesel was somehow involved as well. The appearance may not be the dominant characteristic you look at with CBD flower strains, but it has an impact.

Sour Cheese has fine strawberry blond hairs interspersed through the crevices of the leaves along with gorgeous, bright colored nugs painted in greens \’\’and a hint of purple. The purple deepens the further you break apart the nug.

It may be a dreamy, delightful hemp flower but it does have pungent notes like a rancid block of cheese, thus the name. This is a flower that may appeal more to the veteran used with the skunky bitterness that underlies the sour rottenness.

The “Sour” Experience

If you are a fan of skunky sourness, then you may not mind the rancid odor as you take your first smoke. Some users may find the Sour Cheese strain to be especially cough-inducing. This may be a strain you prefer to vape if the cough is too intense. The rottenness may cling to the back of your mouth that lingers or else leaves a nasty after taste.  The flavor may be overwhelming but the relaxing experience that calms you from top to bottom. This makes it a perfect strain for the evening time to prepare for a good sleep.

“Sweet to Sour” Last Words

The swing from sweet to skunky sour may be great but not a bridge to wide to transfer. The nice thing is, there are a multitude of CBD flower strains to choose from that span the range of sweet to danky \’\’and beyond. Enjoy this journey of exploring the best of CBD hemp flowers.

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