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cbdWeekly DIY — CBD Flower Perfects Lip Balm

Weekly DIY — CBD Flower Perfects Lip Balm

CBD flower perfects lip balm in more ways than one. It soothes dry lips \’\’and it soothes tense emotions waiting for that job interview on Thursday morning. Inconspicuously you make this happen with a couple swipes of your CBD flower lip balm. The result? Soft moist lips \’\’and mentally focused calm. You can soothe your lips with shea butter \’\’and beeswax but best of all your anxious energy just received a micro-dose of CBD.

The majority of lip balms coat the lips for temporary relief without doing much of anything else but leaving your lips feeling sticky. CBD flower perfects lip balm because of the extra benefits of nutrients \’\’and antioxidants which the CBD brings as well as other health benefits.

Coconut Mango Lip Balm

  • 2 T sea butter or mango butter
  • 2 T beeswax
  • 2/3 C almond oil
  • 2 T firm coconut oil
  • 1 ½ t vitamin E oil
  • 50 drops of CBD oil or 2 T


  • By using a double boiler or a class container sitting in a pot of water bring water to a simmer ONLY. If you do it this way, hold the Vitamin E till the other ingredients are melted them mix thoroughly.
  • If you prefer, you can melt the all the ingredients simultaneously in the microwave for 10 second increments up to a minute
  • Turn the heat off \’\’and have your lip balm tubes \’\’and funnel ready because it will begin to solidify within a few minutes.
  • Using a funnel, pour the balm in each tube. You will have upwards of 50 tubes worth of lip balm
  • Leave at room temperature over night to cure then store at room temperature. It is advisable to use within six months.

You can purchase Empty Lip Balm Tubes here. We are coming into the holidays \’\’and what a unique gift to h\’\’and out to your colleagues at work, or family \’\’and neighbors, etc. You can print neat stickers for the tubes, so it looks like a real class act!

Not everyone has the DIY itch so if you want CBD lip balm without the process of making it, Dr. Strains CBD has just the product for you, all prepared \’\’and ready to use.

CBD Flower Perfects Lip Balm – Outstanding CBD Benefits

CBD flower perfects lip balm as it does so many other things to which It can be added. There are soft moisturizing lip balms that probably make you lips feel really good. The CBD lip balm is significantly different. Discreetly you can get a micro-dose of CBD to quiet your anxiety \’\’and nobody will know what you’re doing.

Effectively Moisturizes

Here is another factoid for you. Your lips do not have any type of gl\’\’ands to produce oil.  Considering that, you are totally responsible for moisturizing those babies. Everybody has different lips, variants as to the softness \’\’and moisture which may partly be genetic driven. It also has to do with the diet you eat \’\’and how much water you drink. Then there are environmental challenges as well like a dry climate or spending too much time outside in the sun.

Improves Appearance \’\’and Plumpness

Your smile may be the first impression you leave with many people so obviously you want the lips that frame that smile to be specular. Lipstick may do some of that but if you really want to have lips that appear soft \’\’and healthy, use CBD flower to perfect lip balm which you use on a daily basis. The CBD oil in the lip balm helps by sealing in moisture \’\’and enhancing plumpness.

Fights Sun Damage

The skin on your lips is thin \’\’and not strong so chaps easily to the point of cracking even. The sun can be brutal to this thin skin whether you are spending the day at the beach or skiing on a sunny day \’\’and planting your own garden. Your lips are at a much higher risk of suffering from environmental weather conditions.

This is where the antioxidants in CBD come into play. They can revitalize your lips as well as protect them from current exposures. CBD is rich in omega 3 \’\’and 6 as well as in abundant nutrients \’\’and Vitamins A,E,B \’\’and D. Each one of these is known to revitalize \’\’and rejuvenate your lips skin.


In today’s world everyone is ultra-conscious of freeing ourselves of germs, bacteria \’\’and viruses. CBD is as a powerful stabilizing agent as well to rid our bodies of free radicals \’\’and unstable cells that instigate sickness. CBD lip better supports our lips against bacteria, infection \’\’and irritation.

Brings Calmness

CBD lip balm will not help to promote calmness, but we are talking about topical CBD not consumable CBD. So you cannot take the CBD oil tincture you put under your skin \’\’and rub on your lips. It will not do anything because it does not have the carrier oil in it for skin use.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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