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hemp flowerWEEKLY FLOWER CHRONICLES — Rainbow of Hemp Flowers

WEEKLY FLOWER CHRONICLES — Rainbow of Hemp Flowers

“The rainbow of hemp flowers come to you today on behalf of the all the colors, all the range of colors in the rainbow that shines in the sky after a rain.”

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Blue Dream D8 Flower

This Blue Dream D8 is a must have for any and all smokers at $29.99 to $44.99! Blue Dream D8 is a Sativa dominant hybrid offering cerebral effects along with body relaxation. Users have reported feeling enthusiastic and uplifted. If you are looking for a flavorful smoke, this strain may be for you. It has undertones of berry, leaving you with a blueberry aftertaste.  This delicious flower and much, much more such as cbd flower and delta 8 flower is at Dr. Strains CBD brick-and-mortar store and online.


  • (Red) Cherry Abacus Hemp Flower
  • Orange Slice Indoor Hemp Flower
  • Yellow Hammer Hemp Flower
  • Green Gum Hemp Flower
  • Blue Dream Hemp Flower
  • Purple Boax Hemp Flower
  • Today’s Feature Post

Today we are looking at a “rainbow of hemp flowers” that exhibit an impressing high CBD content and savorous terpenes as well. The color may not have anything to do with the actual color of the hemp flower but may relate to all the savors in union.

Rainbow of Hemp Flowers – (Red) Cherry Abacus Hemp Flower

Cherry Abacus hemp strain is a cross between Abacus for one parent and Original Cherry. It is a varied cannabinoid profile with 20% CBD. Cherry Abacus hemp strain has beautiful dark greens when properly cured and crystal-hair-like trichomes cover each leaf and stem. The pine and diesel flavors are strong and pertinent while the berry expresses when you are vaping.

Orange Slice Indoor Hemp Flower

Dr. Strains CBD offers new strains this year in the indoor hemp flower line. Orange Slice is at the top tier range with terpene profiles that are remarkable. The colors of orange hairs on this hand trimmed hemp flower must be at the top of your list to sample this year. One of the 5 best CBD buds for February 2021 must be this hybrid strain has a CBD content of 15% so perfect to kick back in your lounge chair around the pool or the fireplace and have a smoke after an exhaustingly long day.

Rainbow of Hemp Flowers – Yellow Hammer Hemp Flower

One of the most indica hemp cultivars on the market today is the Yellow Hammer hemp flower. This plant is rather slow growing but makes up for its small stature with extremely large and dense buds glistening with resin and up to 16% CBD. The terpene profile of orange/mandarin citrus with minor undertones of berries.

Green Gum Hemp Flower

The CBD in Green Gum hemp flower relaxes the muscles, lifts the tensions and gives rise to a sense of comfort. The savors are mild and modest of pine, earthy and hints of sweetness with a subtle fragrance.  Green Gum hemp flower contains a high amount of CBD as well as CBG.  CBD provides relief to depression, anxiety, and improves sleeping patterns, Whereas CBG has potent pain-relieving effects, eases symptoms of cancer and blocks growth of cancer cells.  It also minimizes the intraocular eye pressure.

Rainbow Hemp Flowers – Blue Dream Hemp Flower

A union between Blueberry strain and Haze strain give the dominant sativa influence from Haze but Blueberry provides an impact of indica and altogether between 11% to 16% CBD. The terpenes lend a blend of aromas from herbal to peppery to pine.

Purple Boax Hemp Flower

Purple Boax hemp flower is a high CBD bud standing at 14% that bursts with flavonoids and terpenes with a variety of scents and healing qualities. The terpenes are myrcene, limonene, pinene and caryophllene.


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