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cbdWest Slope Pepper vs Frosted Lime CBD Hemp Bud Strains

West Slope Pepper vs Frosted Lime CBD Hemp Bud Strains

Today we have chosen two CBD hemp bud strains to look at that are high CBD \’\’and also a broad profile of other cannabinoids \’\’and terpenes, These are defined in the unique variety of savors in each one.

Generational Lineage of CBD Hemp Bud Strains

West Slope Pepper CBD hemp bud strains is a hybrid cross of BaOX X 5.  It has a beautiful cannabinoid content profile of 22.48% that includes CBGA, CBCA, CBDVA, THCA.  West Slope Pepper CBD bud is machined trimmed with smaller dense buds with some seeds. It boasts a strong 17.4% CBD.  It always has a high resin content making it a prime hemp plant for CBD extraction.

Frosted Lime CBD hemp bud strains was bred from a hemp strain called Frosty \’\’and an unknown unnamed strain but is strong \’\’and potent in its own right. It has a range of 14% to 18% CBD content with the legal limit of 0.3% THC so it is non-psychoactive.  Frosted Lime CBD hemp bud strain is sticky \’\’and fragrant; sativa-rich \’\’and indica-poor.


West Slope Pepper CBD hemp bug strains give a nostalgic relaxation for the user but definitely not a couch lock. If you are a fan of BaOX CBD hemp flower, these genetics are in the West Slope Pepper as well \’\’and you will not be disappointed.

Experiencing the “Frost” of Frosted Lime CBD hemp strains lend an upbeat sense of well-being which wakes up the mind \’\’and the body. Part of the “frost effect” is how the citrus aroma blends with the skunky scent then “frosts” the tongue with sparkle \’\’and fizz. Those are the moments you need the “frost effect” to energize you to an upright awake posture.  Frosted Lime is a Sativa dominant hybrid that enables you to feel creative \’\’and productive in the part of the day or week when you most need it.

Frosted Lime hemp strain is not only beneficial for daytime but as the smoke eases through you, this “frost effect” chases a buzz with a tickle to the throat \’\’and a scrape to the esophagus on through your body.

Savors of West Slope Pepper \’\’and Frosted Lime CBD Hemp Bud Strains

West Slope Pepper has an aesthetically pleasing appearance with a bud from medium to large.  Its savors include musky, spicy \’\’and hints of sage \’\’and clove. Its beautiful pink pistols are eye catching during early phase of flowering. West Slope Pepper finishes chunky with a high resin content which leads to a nice smooth smoke. It has a strong nose of Gas \’\’and a hint of clove.

One thing about its genes is unmistakably potent in lime citrus flavor \’\’and also in fragrance.  You definitely get an overwhelming taste of pepper as a warming sensation in your mouth. These CBD hemp bud strains may not be for everyone, but at some point in your experimenting days, you must give it one try at least.

Frosted Lime CBD hemp bud strains has a flavor profile that definitely heightens the buzz with a smoke that takes on a skunky flavor scraping the throat with lime. The color runs from light purple to deep indigo so is a strikingly beautiful plant. The more experienced CBD hemp flower users tolerate the strength \’\’and bitterness of the flavor \’\’and delight in the skunky citrus aroma as they tour the l\’\’and of “Frost”.


West Slope Pepper CBD hemp bud strains does not have too much known information but the high CBD hemp flower strains are particularly good for pain relief \’\’and an anti-inflammatory agent.

Frosted Lime CBD hemp bud strains is great for pain \’\’and inflammation.  The terpene, Beta-mycrene creates an immediate benefit as an anti-inflammatory agent, pain relief \’\’and, a new one, has the ability to “steroidize” your immune system.  In some cases, it is also used as a robust sedative to ease the nerves.

It is important to note this is dependent upon one’s dosage, consistency, \’\’and how the body responds. Myrcene terpene is significant in helping with absorption into the body. It also has the ability to fight cancer through your immune system.  Frosted Lime CBD hemp bud strains may stoke your day, but it will not frost your night with restful sleep.

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