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hemp flowerWhat are the Six Top CBD Hemp Flower Questions?

What are the Six Top CBD Hemp Flower Questions?

Hemp has reached high \’\’and broad so fast that there still remain many questions about this ancient plant that has risen to modern-day stardom.  That is why we want to answer top CBD hemp flower questions as frequently as possible. Hemp has the answers for a great variety of health conditions which continue to stubbornly resist all pharmaceutical options thrown at it. Now we have hemp that has been restoring homeostasis to the body of those who received answers from top CBD hemp flower questions.

The What of Hemp

Hemp is a plant with a stalk, leaves \’\’and a flower. Every part of the plant is used but the hemp flower, only on the female hemp plant, is the most valuable \’\’and the most used. Hemp flower is also referred to as the CBD flower or the CBD bud. The highest percentage of CBD comes from the buds or flowers.

The What of Hemp Strains

We are not celebrating the birth of hemp because it is one of the oldest crops cultivated from ancient times. But it has been illegal for many years as law makers misunderstood that hemp is cannabis, but it is not marijuana. Now since 2018 Farm Bill, the cultivators have been set free to crossbreed \’\’and create new hemp strains.

The strain created will bear resemblance to its parents with even stronger CBD, terpenes, savors \’\’and aromas. The cultivator generally crossbreeds to create the effects they want most \’\’and that they believe will be most desirable to the hemp community. It will do well for you to study up on the strain before your purchase to find the one closest to your “druthers”.

The What of Buying Hemp

With the legalization of Hemp also came an influx of brick \’\’and mortar shops popping up to sell CBD products. This includes Dollar General which now carries CBD products.

But that is not your only option to answer top CBD hemp flower questions of where to buy. Buy online is simple \’\’and many times less expensive. If you live in a state that still restricts hemp activity, you still have the option to purchase online in another state. Dr. Strains CBD has a variety of CBD hemp bud for sale \’\’and are continually adding to their inventory.

Do your research right here on this blog that discusses all things hemp. Here you will find guidance of how to find what hemp flowers suits your needs best.

If you live in Miami, you can order CBD hemp bud products from Dr. Strains CBD to the north in the Orl\’\’ando area. But read all about it first so that you can shop smart.

There is one thing for sure – CBD hemp buds must always be on your shopping list. As you read the blog posts here you will find recipes of how to make delectable edibles. Then you will learn how to add CBD goodies to your poolside party \’\’and how to make hamburgers infused with decarboxylated hemp flower. And did you know you can infuse tea and hot chocolate with CBD?  After you read these recipes you will underst\’\’and why you need to keep your pantry stocked with CBD hemp flower \’\’and CBD oil.

The What of Using CBD Hemp Bud

Uses of CBD hemp flower questions have answers for parties on holidays like July 4th. Jazz up your party \’\’and make it like none other.

The benefits of the hemp flower are countless \’\’and so medicinally the uses are still mounting.  The hemp flower is a natural creation with naturally occurring cannabinoids \’\’and terpenes.

  • Induces Sleep
  • Soothes inflammation so reduces pain.
  • Cessation of Smoking by 40%
  • Nourishes the Skin 
  • Lessen Anxiety \’\’and Depression 

It can be used for making edibles \’\’and it can be used recreationally by smoking \’\’and vaping \’\’and it is all legal.

The What of CBD Hemp Bud Myths

As with anything good or bad, myths have a way of creeping in \’\’and changing reality to something fake \’\’and downright untrue. It may seem with all the plethora of benefits that top CBD hemp flower questions are all answered with this miracle “drug” \’\’and “too good to be true”. Let us clarify some things.

If you once have your health turned around for the better, you will be singing all kinds of praises to something like CBD but there are always top CBD hemp flower questions that need clarification because your body is different than anyone else’s so will have different needs \’\’and reactions.

The What of CBD Hemp Bud Parts and Variables

The pistil, the female organ, has the ovary, the style, the stigmas which are white \’\’and upright then curl into a spiral turning into a yellow, orange then brown in the maturing process, the characteristic hair-like str\’\’ands of the calyx.  The calyx collects pollen which in turn, triggers the seed creation process.

The Colas of the Hemp Flower — Buds or flower clusters forming at the top of the plant are referred to as colas. The smaller colas growing from the nodes remain mostly hidden between all the leaves.  The apical bud matures faster because it is on top of the plant so receives a higher degree of light for more hours throughout the day.

Sugar leaves

Sugar leaves are covered with trichomes in a dense, whitish coat resembling a covering of sugar.  The sugar leaves are great for concentrates because they are laden with the valuable trichomes.


Trichomes appear to be powdery white hair-like str\’\’ands to the naked eye.  Trichomes are rich in terpenes, the naturally occurring compound which gives the hemp products so much distinction \’\’and many of the health benefits.

The effectiveness of the hemp cannabis product depends on how \’\’and when the trichomes mature. The flavor, the aroma \’\’and the essential oil content are all peaking when the color of the trichomes changes to amber.

“Top Questions” Last Words

Hemp is cannabis but it is not marijuana.  All hemp species must contain 0.3% THC.  The three species of the hemp plant are as follows:

  • Sativa L — tall \’\’and r\’\’andomly branched, high in fiber \’\’and grain for the making of a variety of products.
  • Indica — plant is short \’\’and conical \’\’and used for recreational \’\’and medicinal purposes
  • Ruderalis — not common in North America, produces flowers based on age rather than light cycle.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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