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cbdWhat You Must Know About CBD and Kratom

What You Must Know About CBD and Kratom

Kratom became strangely popular around the year 2014 in the United States almost simultaneous with the rise of CBD. Even though the Farm Bill of 2018 had not been enacted, there were still research programs which were putting everything in place for the explosion of CBD hemp. So now it is time to look further into what you must know about CBD and Kratom.

About CBD Kratom – What it is

Kratom, a tropical evergreen tree in the coffee family, is native to Southeast Asia but millions of Americans use it daily mainly for pain.  Users can purchase kratom in smoke shops and some CBD hemp flower dispensaries.  CBD rose to the top so quickly that Kratom is sometimes overshadowed as the search for relief continues from chronic pain and other things.

About CBD Kratom – What it is Used for

However, kratom, like the CBD hemp flower, has been used as a medicinal substance for hundreds of years. The Kratom Plant has wide, green leaves rich in mitragynine. Similar to cannabis which has an intoxicating branch (marijuana) and a non-intoxicating branch (hemp), mitragynine is indistinguishable from poppy plant opioids. Some consider Kratom as a natural opioid.

About CBD and Kratom – Use and Concerns

When Kratom became extremely popular around the year 2016, the DEA temporarily considered classifying kratom as a Schedule I drug. By 2017, clarification required a change of thought even though they remained concerned. There concerns continue similar as they do for CBD hemp flower from some. There are some states who have banned it as there are some states which have banned hemp.

About CBD and Kratom – Benefits of Both

Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine, the two primary active components of kratom, have opioid effects, however, it also provides relief for pain and anxiety as well as giving an energy boost. And it must be noted that it can help countering opioid addiction.


150 years ago, day laborers chewed kratom leaves for energy and as a stimulant.  Today, kratom is generally sold in powdered form. Just like the Indica type CBD hemp flowers, they also energize and put one in a state of productivity.

Pain Relief

Kratom has potent analgesic effects so pain relief is at the top of the list. But the user must remember because of kratom’s stimulating properties, it is not good to use in the evening. CBD hemp flower also is across the board a natural compound to take for pain relief.

CBD, in whatever form it is has pain relief properties then when other cannabinoids are added into the equation along with terpenes and flavonoids, you have a major pain relief substance. If you also need relaxing calming properties be sure and use the Sativa type CBD hemp flower.

Opioid Addiction

Kratom has been widely popularized as a treatment for opioid withdrawals as the United States remains under a pall of opioid dependence. For many consumers, using a natural substance to help stop using prescription opioids. CBD hemp flower is also known for alleviating the impacts of addiction. It can also lessen the effects of alcohol after a night of drinking.

About CBD and Kratom – Dosing and Side-Effects

The side-effects for kratom appear when an individual engages in extended use or high doses. Like CBD hemp flower, kratom does not have regulatory oversight in some areas. Hemp regulations are more extensive than with kratom because hemp must test at 0.3% THC or less in order to be legal.

Unfortunately, the kratom industry allows contaminated products to enter the consumer market, and some of the noted adverse effects of kratom may be caused by contaminants so this is directly related to lack of oversight not the natural constituents of the plant.

About CBD and Kratom – The Favorable Points

CBD and kratom both have favorable reviews but the two stances are considerably different. The effects are different even though similar, and the benefits are different even though similar.

About CBD and kratom, they both provide relief for pain but only kratom bears resemblance to opioids. Both have anti-addiction benefits but only kratom has potential side-effects. CBD is not habit-forming but kratom does have some potential side effects with high dosage and extended use and possible dependence.

About CBD and Kratom – Do They Work Well Together?

CBD and kratom are both natural compounds so do affect conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, and substance abuse. It is best to always consider all the differences between CBD and kratom. They work on a varying molecular level even though they rose to popularity at the same time.

By and large CBD has wound its way out of the black market and more into the mainstream. Kratom has not quite completed that journey so there continues to be many who are skeptical.

About CBD and kratom, it is important to look at the point of taking the two customs together. They may accentuate each other’s beneficial qualities, but so far the researchers and scientist do not recommend taking them together without further research.

About CBD and Kratom – Best Ways to Consume

You can smoke both these products and you can take them orally. However, to best experience the effects, many suggest you inhale CBD and take Kratom as a liquid and swish it around in your mouth. A CBD flower pre-roll or vape cartridge will allow it to travel effectively and quickly to the circulatory system.

The swish of kratom-infused liquid in your mouth allows better absorption into your bloodstream with better bioavailability.  When consuming both CBD and kratom, stay responsible by keeping doses low and change up the length of use. It is always in order to speak with your doctor about what you are taking particularly if you are on pharmaceuticals as well.

“Kratom” Last Words

Whenever you purchase either of these products, it is imperative to read the small print and purchase these products from a reputable vendor who has documentation for the testing.

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