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hempWhat You Must Know Today! Hemp Terms That are Not Interchangeable

What You Must Know Today! Hemp Terms That are Not Interchangeable

Hemp terms that are not interchangeable is a concept that is important with so much disinformation afloat today. When someone misinterprets a term from ignorance it is not a lie for them but merely misinformation, but it still passes on wrong information. Maybe in some incidents it does not matter but it could be the difference between health or continuing illnesses. So it is important \’\’and that is one thing that drives my passion about CBD hemp flower \’\’and all of its possibilities.

Hemp Terms That are not Interchangeable — Marijuana \’\’and Hemp

Cannabis is a group or collection of three plants with psychoactive properties. These three plants are cannabis sativa, cannabis indica or cannabis ruderalis.  The harvested \’\’and dried plant flowers are referred to as weed or pot or marijuana. As marijuana is legalized in more states, it is simply referred to as “cannabis” but this causes confusion because hemp is also cannabis. Cannabis has two branches – marijuana \’\’and hemp


Merriam-Webster says that marijuana is the flower buds \’\’and leaves of the cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa or C. indica) that contain high levels of THC \’\’and are smoked, vaped, or ingested in baked goods for their intoxicating effect. Merriam-Webster omits part of the definition however because hemp is also cannabis.


Merriam-Webster defines hemp as a tall widely cultivated Asian herb, Cannabis sativa \’\’and Cannabis indica. The hemp family is cultivated for its tough fiber that is resistant to salt-water deterioration for use on ships. Hemp is also known for its edible seeds, smokable flower nugs \’\’and oil. Sativa plant is tall loosely branched whereas C. indica is low-growing densely branched. Cultivated hemp possesses 0.3% or less of psychoactive THC but many other cannabinoids.

Hemp Terms That are Not Interchangeable — Full Spectrum \’\’and Broad Spectrum

Full Spectrum

Full spectrum CBD products means that all the cannabinoids, all the terpenes, all the flavonoids \’\’and other natural compounds remain in the product. If you are smoking a CBD hemp flower nug or rolled it into a hemp paper or using the hemp pre-rolls, you are partaking of a full spectrum product.

When you purchase the CBD-infused gummies from Dr. Strains, you have a full spectrum product with all the natural compounds that bring so many health benefits. The additional thing you will have with the full spectrum product is the Entourage Effect.

Broad Spectrum

Broad spectrum is identical to full spectrum except it goes through an extra process out all of the cannabinoid, THC. Even though full spectrum rarely has a chance show-up on a random drug test, you may feel it is safer to eliminate the THC entirely. When we explore the CBD effectiveness, it is safe to calculate that the broad spectrum is within a few points of being as effective as the full spectrum. It has more processing than full spectrum but less processing than Isolate oil products.

Hemp Terms That are Not Interchangeable — Cannabinoid \’\’and Cannabidiol


Hemp flower cannabinoids exist in numbers which exceed 100. Cannabinoids, also called phytocannabinoids, are compounds that occur naturally in the cannabis plant covering both the psychoactive \’\’and the non-psychoactive compounds in the cannabis plant. One more point, the hemp cannabinoids have the ability to interact with our body’s own endocannabinoid system.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Found abundantly in the hemp plant, CBD is the cannabinoid that has become a superstar in health circles. Conservative estimates suggest the CBD market could soar to over $20 billion in just a few years. Many people claim CBD offers numerous therapeutic applications for relief of pain, anxiety, depression, inflammation \’\’and other imbalances within the body. Hemp is always required to be under 0.3% content.

Hemp Terms That are not Interchangeable — CB1 \’\’and CB2

The researchers do know for sure that CBD hemp flower plays a role in regulating the following functions of the human body which all have CB receptors:

  • Sleep,
  • Mood,
  • Appetite,
  • Memory,
  • Reproduction \’\’and fertility.


THC impacts the CB1 receptors located in the brain \’\’and in the immune system. CB1 receptors are on the surface of cells, tissues, \’\’and organs, \’\’and help regulate biological function. CB1 receptors are present in several regions of the brain \’\’and spinal cord in the endocrine gl\’\’ands as well as the gastrointestinal \’\’and urinary tracts.


These receptors regulate the biological function of certain cells, tissues, \’\’and organs \’\’and are also present on white blood cells, the immune cells, \’\’and neurons.

Hemp Terms That are not Interchangeable — Indica \’\’and Sativa

Indica — The Indica type hemp plants are generally short \’\’and stocky with thick, resinous buds. Usually they have a sweeter \’\’and muskier aroma while sativa strains smell more fruity \’\’and hazy. Indica medicinal strains have increased mental \’\’and muscle relaxation \’\’and decreases acute pain. Indica-dominant strains stimulate dopamine which is a neurotransmitter regulating the brains pleasure control board.

Sativa — The Sativa hemp plant is lanky with a tendency to stretch up tall. Sativa hemp plants bear light-green or teal buds that are longer than they are wide. There can even be sour, fruity, or even lemony aroma. Sativa-dominant strains help ease anxiety, depression \’\’and a mood uplifter treats chronic pain rather than acute pain like indica-dominant strains do.  These strains are definitely for daytime use.

  • Indica-dominant hemp strains promote deep body relaxation.
  • Sativa-dominant hemp strains lend itself to an energizing experience.

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