ladybugs and the hemp farmer
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The CBD hemp industry grows from a couple dozen acres to 75,000 acres in 2018.  2019 brought 100,000 to 200,000 more acres. But what does that have to do with ladybugs and the hemp farm?  The 2018 Farm Bill definite rang in a new era not only in the agriculture sector but also for those who want something new to tickle their recreational pleasure bones.

Besides that, there are the multitude of individuals so disenchanted with the failure of pharmaceuticals to ease their chronic pain, tame their anxiety and generally to bring health to their weary body.

Hemp, One of the Most Amazing and Valued Plants

But today we are going to talk about the agricultural sector of this unique and amazing plant – hemp. Hemp farmers are learning many things about this new crop as they go because the hemp industry opened up fast and boomed hard and fast.

Hemp is planted for textiles and bioplastics and it is also planted for CBD extraction. Depending on what the hemp farmer is planting for, each acre can accommodate 1600 plants up to 400,000 when grown for mass markets using it for textiles and bio-plastics.

Ladybugs and the Hemp Farm — The Hemp Farmer’s Best Friend

Ladybugs are among the most effective predatory insects that is a total blessing for hemp farmers. We all love these brightly colored little bugs, but they are good for more being admired. You may think that they appear innocent, but they are far from being innocent. Ladybugs are voracious killing machines. They do not give offer a bad odor to their opponent or any other specialized trapping device.  The ladybug simply walk right up to their prey and start eating them.

Ladybugs love to munch on spider mites which is one of the pests that hemp farmers wage war with.They also know how to track them down because they are attracted to the smell of the spider mites. Ladybugs are smart because they recognize the leaf damage the spider mite leaves in its wake. A single ladybug has the stomach for eating nine mites every hour to the destruction of 100 in day

Ladybugs patrol the hemp acreage and are vital allies to the hemp farmer to help keep the plants protected and productive.  Most garden centers or nurseries sell ladybugs all ready to be released around the hemp plants.

Ladybugs and the Hemp Farm — The Introduction Ceremony

If you order ladybugs through the mail, leave them in the bag or box they arrive in and place them in a cool place to help them calm down after their journey in the mail. When you release them remember to have water close by as they will be thirsty after their trip.

One can chase a thousand and two can decimate 10,000 so release a large quantity of ladybugs and the hemp farm will thrive without spiders and aphids. Spider mites establish themselves quickly, so it is best to release your supply of ladybugs all together. Ladybugs and the hemp farm do not like the heat, so it is best to release them in the cool of the morning or after the heat has passed in the evening. If you release them in the heat of the day, you may lose many because they will fly off to find shelter in a cool place. Before releasing the ladybugs and the hemp farm area can best be sprinkled your plants with water as that encourages them to start their devouring of spider mites more quickly.

Ladybugs and the Hemp Farm — “The Ladybug Hotel”

The ladybugs and the hemp farm may benefit from a ladybug hotel. This will provide a shelter where they feel safe when not on the job. You can build a simple structure with material that has collected in your barn, It will need to have crooks and crannies for them to crawl into.  It may also encourage these little ladies to stay put. The reason for this is because when they have a safe place, they are more likely to lay eggs.

Ladybugs and the Hemp Farm — Lifespan and Storage

Ladybugs like having large pest populations to devour because it stimulates them to mate and lay eggs. An adult ladybug has a short life span of 12 months. But the amazing thing about this unique bug is that it can eat over 5,000 insects in that time.

In the off season, the ladybugs and the hemp farm refrigerator will provide a place for storage. This will keep their temp of 35 to 45 degrees and they can live off their body fat.  They can be stored up to 2 or 3 months.

A gallon of lady bugs and hemp farms equate to servicing 10 acres of hemp plants. Be sure and release the ladybugs early so they can get ahead of the pest cycle.

If you want more information on all things CBD, read other posts here on our blog.

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