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hempWhat’s New for the Hemp Industry in 2022

What’s New for the Hemp Industry in 2022

“The hemp industry in 2022 has some of the old as well as some new things hitting the market for the financial interest and innovative new products.”

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Goliath Delta 8 Flower

Named for its big thick buds, this Goliath D8 is an indica dominant hybrid. Looking for a strain that relaxes but doesn’t put you to sleep? Well look no further! This Goliath D8 is ideal for stress, making this a good end of the day smoke.  This hemp flower and a multitude of others can be found at Dr. Strains CBD.


  • Health, Health Products and Medical Impacts
  • New Financial Benefits for the Farmer and Manufacturing
  • New Environmental Advantages
  • “All Points of View”
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In case you did not know, the hemp plant grows 30 centimeters in just a few weeks. This is one of the advantages that impacts the agricultural sector the most, but it also impacts other areas of industry. The reason for this is apparent when you consider the time it takes trees to mature because paper can be made from hemp as well. Hemp is versatile in uses and in the number of industries it impacts.  When you use fiber to make clothes, rope, canvas, it lasts years longer than when made from other materials. When used in building, it is more environmentally friendly than other materials as well as being more durable.

The Hemp Industry in 2022 – Health, Health Products and Medical Impacts

The health products made from hemp are multiplying in 2022. It is true that Delta 8 flowers and Delta 8 products are becoming more and more popular and more innovate.  There are Delta 8 capsules and Delta 8 gummies for sale at Dr. Strains CBD.  The following are additional health products for people suffering from pain, anxiety, insomnia and other more specific conditions.

  • Massage oils, lotions, creams and salves;
  • CBD oil Capsules and CBD-Infused Gummies
  • Pet health products because they have Endocannabinoid Systems like humans;
  • Specific Cannabinoid as oil extractions;
  • Bath bombs, bath salts, bath oil;
  • Liquid vapors for disposable vapor pens (CBD and Delta 8.)

Why Medical Doctors Like CBD Hemp Products

Usually, medical doctors are not keen on recommending any natural remedy. But it has been different with CBD hemp products. For one thing the research is clear and extensive. Also there have been controlled clinical trials for many forms of CBD products. Then using the Charlotte’s Web hemp flower strain to produce an FDA approved drug to mitigate seizures particularly in children.

Pharmaceuticals have attempted to create medications to help people who suffered with chronic pain, insomnia and anxiety.  But they have not been successful because the drugs are addictive and cause a great number of side effects.  The medical world is paying more and more attention to the hemp factor and how is mitigates so many chronic conditions. Doctors are starting to move away for narcotics for these stubborn conditions to a substance less harmful like CBD hemp.

The Hemp Industry in 2022 – New Financial Benefits for the Farmer and Manufacturing

Everything is good for the farmer when it comes to hemp. Hemp grows fast and has multiple goods that can be manufactured from it. That is good for the farmer because he has an eager market to sell his or her product to. Hemp cleans the soil through a process of phytoremediation. This means no need to rotate crops because the hemp plant leaves it with more nutrients than when it was planted.

Other good news for the farmers is that 2022 is looking at relaxing some of the extensive testing and regulations for growing and harvesting hemp. This is good for farmers and vendors as well. And it is a sign that people are realizing hemp is more good than bad on every point.  It is a fast growing plant that has a universal benefit.

The Hemp Conversion

Tobacco fields are being converted to hemp fields and cotton fields are changing to hemp fields. The reason for this switch is financial benefits. The tobacco farmer has to make very few changes to his farming practices to start growing hemp and the profits are much better. Cotton farmers, the same. That also means that 2022 will find fewer cotton clothing and more hemp fabric and clothing. Hemp is more durable whether you are looking at clothes or the canvas sailors use on their sailing vessels.

The Hemp Industry In 2022 – New Environment Advantages

Statistics from many governments globally show that after they legalize hemp and hemp products, there is a rise in business and economic value. But paranoia still exists so the process of de-regulating to give faster grow is slower than many want.


One of the environmental advantages is creating fuel from the hemp biomass.  This could save a lot of money and would definitely be more environmentally safe.  It will never totally replace fossil fuels, but it can add to the fuel supply without a doubt. And this is a universal need.  There may be a steeper learning curve but once the technology and infrastructure is developed, it could make a significant difference.

2022 Brings More Research Dollars

Everything needs dollars and that includes hemp research, but it appears 2022 is bringing just that. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has increased their focus on hemp research with new grants of millions of dollars. This is good for all of us because it benefits everyone on multiple levels.

“All Points of View”

The hemp industry in 2022 reveals that vendors know better than anyone that the manufacturing and testing, etc is not simple and can be expensive at times. But those who engage in this production have a passion about it and require creativity and artistry that the consumers particularly appreciate it. Hemp is one of the oldest known plants and one of the first crops ever cultivated but recent creations are extraordinarily creative and new.

Today’s Blog Reference

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