Savors of Terpenes
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“Where in the world” are terpenes you may be asking right now. Well they are in hemp but there are in a lot of other places as well. The research generally is on the hemp CBD restorative benefits rather than addressing the benefits of terpenes.  CBD is good and all the other cannabinoids as well, but now it is all about terpenes in hemp.

Some of the potential hemp terpene pleasures are strong aromatic qualities and flavor profiles. Whether smoking, vaping or using hemp nugs in some other manner, you can smell and taste and feel the benefits. There are many different hemp strains, and more are being bred all the time. Each one has its own terpene profile which will give a particular aroma and taste.

Terpenes Defined

Terpenes are simple organic compounds made up of various elements on the periodic table in varying arrangements creating different scents and various health benefits. These compounds create many of the familiar scents and flavors in hemp strains as Those terpenes in hempwell as other botanical.

Another explanation about hemp terpenes is the fact that they have the ability to interact with other compounds in the hemp plant in order to activate synergistic benefits. In the hemp community it is referred to as “The. Entourage Effect.”

“Where in the World” are Terpene Profiles in Hemp Flowers

Terpene profiling is the process of determining the terpenes which are in one particular hemp strain and the qualities that it possesses. The cultivar is best able to determine the hemp strain by the profile of terpenes in it.

The hemp plant grows and to flowering stage then the grower notices something else starts to develop. There is a distinctive smell as the particular strain’s terpenes start seeping out of the hair-like trichomes. The trichomes resemble small resin glands that are found on hemp flowers, leaves, and some even on the stalks.

There is no typical terpene scent because there are more than 100 different kinds with varying scents. However, the scientists do have a calibrated measure to classify the hemp terpene compounds.

“Where in the World” are Terpene Benefits

CBD may be all the rage in the “community of hemp CBD believers,” but the rage must include credit to those hemp terpenes. The field of terpene research continues to grow and develop behind the scenes. Hemp terpenes give aroma, flavor and they also provide therapeutic effects. There are two common terpenes with two different benefits. Linalool, also found in lavender essential oils, is known to promote sleep.  Pinene, in conifers, fights inflammation and gives you an edge on mental alertness and better memory.

Myrcene delivers the smell of musk or clove which then delivers sedative, relaxing effects. Limonene has lemony aromas but, better yet it provides an uplift to moods and attitudes towards your day.

“Where in the World” are Savors and Flavors of Terpenes

The hemp terpenes provide a multitude of scents and flavors, each varying a little. However, for clarification and organization, hemp researchers have developed for basic classes – spicy or bitter; sour or sweet.  The aromas of terpenes can easily become complicated because of a mixture of these four categories in each one particularly when considering flavor and aroma.

“Effects” of Terpenes

Changes in terpene varieties and content have been found to dramatically alter the physiological effects that hemp has on a user.  Some terpenes are good for energizing the body, but others are sedatives. Another effect or benefit is that terpenes enhance the benefits of hemp CBD because of how it interacts with the human endocannabinoid system.

Researchers may understand the isolated terpene, but they are still looking at how they interact with the whole of the hemp plant to resolve skin conditions, chronic pain, and other restorative effects.

“Where in the World” — My Concluding Terpene Words

The most abundant terpenes may be myrcene, limonene, and linalool but there are over 200 types and 60 which have attracted the attention of the scientific circles. Their benefits and effects and pleasant aromatic qualities impact us all.



Sharon O'Maley

Sharon has been writing her heart out since she was 10 years of age when she wrote up a story about a 3,000 acre forest fire she and her family witnessed. In 1995 when she found herself divorced with a 3-year-old daughter, Ruth, she decided to try writing for money.

She carved a niche in the Continuing Education market and for the next 20 plus years she wrote courses for C.E. providers all over the United States.

Blogging is now her new love. Particularly suited to writing about CBD because for two years she was crippled with osteoarthritis in her ankles and feet until someone introduced her to CBD. Today she walks and bikes because of this natural compound of CBD.

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