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cbdWhere to Start, When I Know Nothing About CBD Bud

Where to Start, When I Know Nothing About CBD Bud

A CBD bud enthusiast suggested to her neighbor recently to use CBD salve for a severe rash on her arms. The neighbor responded that she just didn’t want the high that it would give. The CBD enthusiast proceeded to explain the difference between Hemp \’\’and Marijuana \’\’and CBD \’\’and THC.

Since the Farm Bill 2018 legalized hemp growth \’\’and sales, CBD bud products have increased by leaps \’\’and bounds across the country. This growth has allowed for those vendors to get an inferior product on the market. So, if a beginner uses an inferior product \’\’and consequently feels no benefits then they are turned off \’\’and figure CBD is a hoax.

The Why of Your CBD Bud Use

If you are wanting to have a new smoke experience with benefits rather than the negatives of smoking nicotine, CBD bud is the choice. First, you will need to decide what the benefit is that you want. If you want something that you can sit down with a smoke after a long hard day at work so that you can relax \’\’and consequentially have a nice restful night, you will want to choose a hemp strain that is indica dominant such as Bubba Kush or a sativa leaning strain by the name of Purple Lifter.

Another reason it is important to have a vendor at a dispensary such as Dr. Strains CBD who knows how to guide you to the effective strain for what you need or want.

Which CBD Bud Product for Which Ailment

If you are suffering from arthritic pain, when you buy CBD tincture sublingual drops \’\’and proceed to massage those drops into your arthritic joints, it will not work. You will not realize relief from chronic pain. CBD tincture drops are water soluble so meant to be consumed sublingually. Then it can help your arthritic pain.  But is that the best medium for the best outcome of your chronic pain?

It may be, but it may not be. A cream-based ointment, salve or lotion is wax based so will travel into the skin \’\’and toward your joint that gifts you with so much pain, stiffness \’\’and discomfort.

Then there are the CBD gummies. True, gummies if chewed up force the CBD to pass through your digestive system which slows it down \’\’and no doubt mitigates some of the benefits. But let the gummies dissolve under your tongue \’\’and allow it to enter the blood circulation much sooner \’\’and with more efficacy

Considering the Dosage \’\’and Time Frame

If you are taking CBD oil, a suggested dosage will be printed on the bottle. But that is only suggested. If you are using CBD menthol roll-on, there is a suggestion to roll it on problem areas no more than 4 times a day. But again it is only a suggestion. What your body will need may be different so there is a process of testing to see what dosage is best for your body.

The time frame is also a little of a trial \’\’and error process. Let’s talk smokable hemp. Elektra hemp strain is quick acting. You smoke it, you feel it \’\’and by the way is a quicker relief to chronic pain. Lifter Greenhouse Premium gives a relaxation but the kind that could last through the day.

“When I Know Nothing” Last Words

First when you know nothing about all things CBD, read our blog because we try to cover CBD from top to bottom \’\’and inside out. If you have a specific condition, read to find out the specific strain for a specific condition. Lastly, do not give up because it may take time to find which method of delivery is what fits your need.

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