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cbdWhy CBD Hemp Flower is in the Limelight

Why CBD Hemp Flower is in the Limelight

The reasons why CBD hemp flower is in the limelight today in 2021 and probably will be if you are reading this in 2031, is multi-facetted. From recreational use to health benefits to a plethora of edible and infusion options. It helps to overcome opioid addictions and the affect of alcohol when you drink. Hemp may be the salvation of our planet because it is nature’s best friend as it replenishes the soil, purifies contaminated soil, and has no waste.

Why CBD Hemp Flower is in the Limelight – Saving the Earth

If there was ever a miracle plant or crop, it would be hemp. CBD hemp biomass is what is left over after the seeds, the hemp flower \’\’and the CBD is extract is taken. Hemp is not only capable of providing us with recreational \’\’and medical cannabis products, but it also gives us a plethora of other benefits. Some believe that hemp in the near future will be a source of biofuel.

Hemp biomass includes the sugar leaves \’\’and sometimes the stalks \’\’and larger leaves then it is milled before extraction.   Cannabis is planted, grown \’\’and harvested in a large scale to produce CBD products from the hemp flower or hemp buds \’\’and what is left is used for fiber. The farmers who grow hemp can figure that an acre has the capacity to produce about 1,500 pounds of biomass.

Why CBD Hemp Flower is in the Limelight – Recreation Fun without the High

Many people get interested in smokable hemp for reasons other than the health benefits. Users in or outside the known hemp community, mainly are interested in smoking CBD hemp flower because of the 0.3% of less of THC. They have even said they look at the fact that hemp has extremely low THC content first over even the high CBD content.

THC is the cannabinoid associated with the typical “high” from the branch of cannabis referred to as marijuana. At 0.3% THC or less in hemp, there will be no psychoactive effect. Whether the CBD hemp flower is 15% CBD or 25% CBD, federal regulations require there be 0.3% or less THC.

Many of the savors are similar to marijuana so particularly attractive to those who know weed smoking. There are many who endured the high so that they could enjoy the smoking experience. Now, these individuals have an option to smoke and enjoy the greatest savors but do not have to deal with the high of marijuana.

Why CBD Hemp Flower is in the Limelight – Because it is Effective

Many turn to CBD hemp flower who have suffered for years with chronic pain and anxiety. These are no doubt the hardest for the pharmaceutical companies to produce effective drugs which do not have a mountain of side effects. These pharmaceuticals are highly addictive as well.

So, when the word gets out of others who have tried and benefited from CBD hemp flower products, it is one of the reasons why CBD hemp flower is in the limelight. From relieve from neuropathy pain to joint pain from the various types of arthritis CBD hemp flower products are particularly effective. The larger the hemp community grows, the more people are exposed to its effectiveness and know it is not simply a fly by night snake oil product.

Why CBD Hemp Flower is in the Limelight – Because the CannaCook Loves “Infusing”

If you are one of the growing numbers of CannaCooks who make hemp bread, infuse their cocktails or add it to the main course no matter what it might be.

You like coffee? Well, dose it with CBD. You prefer tea? Then either dose it with CBD or make an entire pot of tea with ground hemp buds and flower, yes, brew it and serve up some health. Be sure and decarboxylate your hemp flower then it is ready to add to your favorite muffin recipe breakfast crepes or a berry smoothie to cool down with on a hot summer day.

The next time you wonder why CBD hemp flower is in the limelight, remember it is for recreation, for health for clothing, for earth sustainability and so much more.

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