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cbdWhy Does CBD Flower Not Work for Me?

Why Does CBD Flower Not Work for Me?

“Why does CBD flower not work for me is the question that many ask perhaps after dosing for a short time or in an irregular fashion.”


Dr. Strains CBD Hot Summer Special

Cherry Blossom Hemp Flower @ $14.99 for ½ oz 

Our fruity \’\’and well-balanced nose cherry blossom hemp flower is priced at a steal! With 14% CBD \’\’and double machined trimmed to perfection you can’t ask for a better starter strain.  Dense with smaller to medium buds \’\’and lightly seeded this Cherry Blossom is the perfect starter strain for new CBD enthusiasts.


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  • Quality \’\’and Potency
  • Quantity \’\’and Time
  • Topical vs. Oral vs. Pulmonary Admin
  • The Last Nugget
  • Today’s Feature Post
  • Strains CBD Weekly Specials “Spotte”


Why Does CBD Flower Not Work for Me? — Quality \’\’and Potency

When purchasing any CBD hemp flower products be sure that the quality is pristine. Dr. Strains CBD has lab testing documentation for all of the CBD products to prove they are tested \’\’and accurate. A recent published study of a great number of br\’\’ands of CBD found only 31% of products contained the CBD amount that the label claimed.  You go to a dispensary to buy CBD oil because you heard of all the many health benefits it provides. Then you get home with your bottle of liquid gold health \’\’and start consuming immediately. But disappointment sets in after several days or weeks of use \’\’and you do not feel any difference. Still in 2019, of 35 CBD products tested from seven different br\’\’ands, 20 had less than half the amount of CBD that was claimed on the label. Unfortunately, a few had NO CBD in the oil at all.


First look at what you actually purchased. There are three different oils – hemp oil, hemp seed oil \’\’and CBD oil. They are all good but if you are wanting the most potent, then the best is CBD oil, rather than the other two. There are 900 br\’\’ands of CBD products that have sprung into existence in recent years. There are a lot of choices but only some come with the high tested quality which Dr. Strains CBD has. Always ask for the COA.


Why Does CBD Flower Not Work for Me?  — Quantity \’\’and Time

If you are taking CBD oil in the tincture drops form, the recommended dosage is 10 drops under the tongue. That may not be the right amount for you, however. Try increasing it to 15 drops or 10 drops twice daily rather than once.


The other factor here is that CBD is a natural compound which will work more slowly than pharmaceutical drugs. With pharmaceutical drugs, you usually take your dosage \’\’and feel relief from pain or anxiety, etc. Give your dosage time before you say, “Oh, well that didn’t work for me!” It is best to consistently dose for at least 7 days before making any determination.  Hopefully, you will have a dispensary where you purchase CBD product, that also has an informed salesperson behind the counter. Dr. Strains CBD does have information as well as product which is a cut above many. You as the consumer deserve that.


Why Does CBD Flower Not Work for Me?  — Topical vs Oral vs Pulmonary Admin

It is possible that the first question to identify is what condition are you treating? If it is an arthritis issue, you may find, like I did, that the CBD Isolate Roll-On as a topical will serve you best. If you burned yourself on a pan when cooking, topical is going to be more efficient at healing than a CBD oil capsule or CBD oil tincture.


But if you fall to bouts of anxiety, depression \’\’and panic attacks, you may find the choice is between the oral types of dosing or the pulmonary administration by smoking or dry vaping. If you want fast, then it is definitely the pulmonary administration with hemp pre-rolls or roll your own joint with any hemp flower strain that Dr Strain CBD has available.  One thing is for sure, stick with one type of dosing consistently for at least 7 days to give it a fair chance of working in your body. But also consider the possibility of “dual dosing”.  Oral method for one condition \’\’and topical for another.


The Last


CBD hemp flower is effective. There is no question about that so the question that you must ask yourself, “What is the best way to dose for me?” If you have a particularly stubborn condition or advanced health issue, you may want to consider micro-dosing through out the day every 2 hours. So if you are taking 30 drops of tincture either morning or night, consider dividing that dose into 5 doses throughout the day off 6 drops each time.



Today’s Feature Post

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Dr. Strains CBD Weekly Special “Spotte”

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Dr. Strains CBD has Exciting Edibles

Your favorite snacks just got infused! A new \’\’and yummy way to eat your D8 is in a 250mg D8 Cereal. Our 250mg D8 Cereal comes in a assortment of flavors such as:

  • Cocoa Smacks
  • Stoney Jacks
  • Tiger Bites
  • Chocolate Balls
  • Fruity Nuggs
  • Rainbow Rings
  • Fruitti Rocks
  • Berry Boss
  • Cookie Cat Crunch


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Dr. Strains CBD has “Delta 8” Series

Lifter Delta D8 Hemp Flower @ $39.99 for ½ oz.

This Lifter D8 flower has a citrus lemon aroma \’\’and is a perfect day strain to get err\’\’ands done while feeling calm!


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Dr. Strains CBD has “Sumthin’ Different!!!

Our Space Particles are the tiny nugs \’\’and shake from our h\’\’and made moon rocks. The quality of our moon rock shake is just at nice as our moon rock nugs but already broken down for you \’\’and at a fraction of the cost!  They are sold in 1 gram increments at an out of this world price of just $3.99! Fresh in stock today!!


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Our Products are sourced from the finest organic farms who practice safe farming practices \’\’and instill love \’\’and generations of discipline into every harvest.

Dr. Strains CBD only sources its CBD bud from small hemp farms. Check out our online shop or contact us for more information.



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