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Hemp StrainsWhy You Need the Best Industrial Hemp Strains

Why You Need the Best Industrial Hemp Strains

The best industrial hemp strains are what everyone wants because they taste better, they have better savors and usually have higher CBD percentage content. The best industrial hemp strains do have certain things in common. One of the most important thing is that there is a high amount of CBD in the buds.  The number two thing in common that these hemp strains have is the extraordinary care that the hemp flower receives from planting to growth to harvest to the trimming of the nug.

Best Industrial Hemp Strains — Defining Industrial Hemp

It is generally considered that industrial hemp is of the Cannabis Sativa family. But this definition has evolved to also include some Cannabis Indica types as well. Or, if you want to take a broad stance, industrial hemp is hemp from which CBD can be extracted. Hemp is not a new crop, even though it has been newly legalized here is the United States. But hemp is actually one of the oldest crops.

Best Industrial Hemp Strains — Variety of Uses

Hemp is used for production of canvas for sailing as well as paper. The Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper. The problem came in the early 1900s when hemp was vilified by many as being high in THC, the same as marijuana, the other branch of cannabis.  It is well-known that THC is the cannabinoid that produces a euphoric effect known as the psychoactive “high.” This is the reason many governments around the world banned the usage of hemp through restrictive laws.

In 2018 the Farm Bill was passed in the US which effectively made hemp and hemp-derived products once again legal. This, along with other movements has led to the explosion in popularity of the CBD and other cannabinoids found within the hemp plant. Now you can get all the benefits without the high THC from what we would consider the best industrial hemp strains available today and do it 50 state legal!

Best Industrial Hemp Strains — Most Popular Industrial Strains

So why do you want the best industrial hemp strains for your personal use? You want and deserve to know what is best because the best does the best for your body. CBD heals, restores and establishes the signal so all parts of your body can better function in a healthy way. Let’s look at some of the best industrial hemp strains.

Bubba Kush can have as much as 15% CBD content while still falling under 0.3% THC. The other reason it is a high industrial strain is because it has an impressive terpene profile:

  • limonene,
  • farsenene,
  • linalool,
  • myrcene,
  • b-caryophyllene.

High industrial hemp strains are more than just about CBD content. The profile of terpenes has an impact on savors, but they also have a significant relationship to health benefits.

Cherry Wine, another one of the best industrial hemp strains is loved for its sweet cherry aroma with a hint of black pepper and cheese. It maintains a high 15.4% CBD content and once again an absolutely lovely terpene profile of:

  • farsenene,
  • limonene,
  • myrcene,
  • linalool,
  • b-caryophyllene.

This equals rich aromatic smell and amazing medicinal qualities such as pain relief, anti-inflammatory and an anti-anxiety agent.

Best Industrial Hemp Strains — …..and There Are More!

Hulk has a total of 20.35% cannabinoids with 16.33% being solely CBD. It has a funky skunk-like smell with a flavor profile of citrus and over-ripened fruits. The Hulk promoting energy and creativity but balances out with relieving anxiety, inflammation and pain.

Sour Space Candy offers an aroma profile of citrus notes and sour diesel that are reminiscent of sour candies. It contains a rich CBD content of 15.26% which unleashes all the benefits CBD has for pain and inflammation relief, anti-anxiety and does good for insomnia.

Cherry Blossom possesses a berry, floral, and fruit fragrance and best of all can have up to 22% CBD content and less than 0.1% THC. It may be a potent strain, but the user must remember that it also has a slow onset.

CBG Infused Special Sauce has a very strong CBD content of at least 12.81%. Then beyond that, it has been infused with CBG which has another entire set of health benefits rising close to those of CBD.  It has a flavor of citrus, overly ripe fruits and a funky skunk scent. It is another extra-ordinarily potent strain to relieve pain and anxiety, but on the other side of the spectrum it also provides a spurt of energy and creativity.

“Industrial Hemp Strains” Last Words

This is not an exhaustive list of best industrial hemp strains but it gives you some of the best. Finding your best industrial hemp strain is another story. Just like wine, you will have the taste you love best with the best effects. Something to remember is that one of the reasons industrial hemp strains are important is because high CBD strains are needed for CBD oil extraction.

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