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cbdYesterday’s Research – Today’s CBD Flower for Health

Yesterday’s Research – Today’s CBD Flower for Health

CBD flower use rise higher in all things related to our lives daily. But if you think it is a new treatment in our century, continue reading.  The CBD flower is used as the whole flower to smoke \’\’and much, much more.

Yesterday’s Research of CBD Flower — Mongolia \’\’and Siberia

Archaeologists found evidence that the people in Mongolia \’\’and Siberia grew \’\’and harvested cannabis in 12,000 BC. Cannabis hemp was an important part of the development of early civilization.  All areas of life including building, clothing, \’\’and medically were impacted by hemp \’\’and hemp products.

Yesterday’s Research in Ancient China

For thous\’\’ands of years in Ancient China, hemp affected every part of their life. It then because an important part of traditional Chinese medicine. Those familiar with Chinese medicine know that its premises brings harmony to the mind \’\’and to the body, you know yin \’\’and yang of it all.  The ancient Chinese knew about the cannabinoids in CBD flower \’\’and how they interact with our Endocannabinoid System to restore homeostasis. Imbalance causes havoc in the body \’\’and ultimately diseases.

During the Tang Dynasty in 629 CE, China founded a medical school where students trained in the medical uses of cannabis.  In 1644 CE, the Manchu Dynasty began sharing medical knowledge about the positive effects of cannabis medically speaking.

Yesterday’s Research of CBD Flower – Ancient India

Archaeologist found evidence of the use of cannabis in India, beginning between 2000 \’\’and 1000 BC, religious ceremonies. Ancient India realized the healing properties when they drank Bhang, which they made using cannabis so started to use it to treat medical issues, such as from headaches \’\’and stomach ailments.

Yesterday’s Research of Ancient Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians used cannabis as a topical for inflammation as well as a treatment for sore eyes \’\’and cataracts. The Egyptians recorded the medical use of the cannabis plant on scrolls dating back to 2000 BC.

Yesterday’s Research of CBD Flower – Far East

Documents were translated \’\’and exp\’\’anded upon in the Far East regarding the cannabis plant containing compounds that made it useful as a diuretic, painkiller, an anti-inflammatory used for stomach ailments, fever, earache, \’\’and epilepsy.

Today’s Knowledge of CBD Flower

The first documented use of the cannabis plant in North America was in Jamestown, Virginia in the 17th century where laws passed m\’\’andating the British colony farmers to grow the cannabis plant for multiple purposes. Medically, they started using it to treat mental health disorders. And the 18th century brought knowledge of its use as pain relief, skin inflammations \’\’and cough.

14.5 million people were living with a cancer diagnosis in 2014. There is growing research \’\’and evidence that CBD oils can slow or stop the growth of cancer in a patient’s body. Research has shown that CBD oils appear to help the CB2 receptors in a cancer patient’s spleen to help with immunity. The CBD oils then help the body to seek out \’\’and kill cancerous cells. Unlike chemotherapy, which kills every dividing cell in the body, CBD works to only kill the cancerous cells.

Breast cancer is currently the second highest cancer death in women living in the United States. Studies from the American Association for Cancer Research have discovered CBD oils work to kill breast cancer cells.

Patients with HIV or AIDS experience a complete loss or deficiency in their immune systems, so are beginning to look to hemp CBD as a way to relieve symptoms, treating side effects of \’\’and to help maintain the nutrients \’\’and to gain back lost weight.


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