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cbdYou Can Do What? CBD Hemp Flower for Flour Recipes

You Can Do What? CBD Hemp Flower for Flour Recipes

The CBD hemp flower that you use to decarboxylate \’\’and grind for an ingredient to bake with has other uses. First, after decarboxylating the CBD flower you can eat it as it is. Small size buds are great for this use. You have a better way of measuring the dose as well. Now let’s move to examine other ways to use CBD flower.

CBD Hemp Flour

Using CBD hemp flour is different than infusing CBD oil into butter or oil. CBD hemp flour uses the whole plant – the bud \’\’and the leaves but not the stems. However, if all you have is the bud, you can make hemp flour from grinding only the CBD hemp flower. Just remember that using ground bud only will make it more potent.

The Oven Method to Decarb

You need an oven, baking tray, parchment paper, \’\’and hemp flower such as CB Dawg.

  • Oven temperature — 230-260 degrees F.
  • Break hemp flower into small pieces.
  • Spread on parchment covered baking tray.
  • Place in the tray on the middle shelf in oven.
  • Bake for 2 hours.

Remove \’\’and cool. It is now sufficiently decarbed!

Hemp flour provides a great deal of fiber boost to whatever recipe you add it too. It also has nutrients \’\’and medicine because it has CBD content. If you use a CBD hemp flower with high CBD content you have a greater advantage. The only downside may be the taste which you can overcome by the right amount of spices or sugar.

To make a ½ cup of hemp flour you need 14 grams of CBD hemp flower.  After decarboxylating the CBD hemp flower place the cooled pieces in a food processor to grind it fine.  Store in an airtight container in a cool \’\’and dark place until you want to use it. Its shelf life is about three months for best freshness.

Recipe Specifics are Important

There are various ways to use CBD hemp flour made from CBD hemp flower, but here is one suggestion. A suggestion you can use in your own favorite baked goods recipe.  If the recipe calls for 2 cups of flour, replace 25% of it with cannabis hemp flour. In this case you would be replacing ¼ cup of regular flour with cannabis hemp flour. Sift the two flours together immediately before use. The sifting process is to ensure that the two flours are thoroughly mixed, so that “dosing” is consistent throughout the baked goods.

CBD Hemp Flower “Flour” Recipes

Whatever baked goods you are planning to make, be sure that the temperature you bake it at does not exceed 340 degrees. If the flavor is problematic for you, increase other flavorings.

Here are two delicious recipes to try on your next bake day, like today or tomorrow because these are really good. They you can share CBD benefits with your friends \’\’and co-workers.

CBD Hemp Bread

Hemp Zucchini Bread

Hemp flour baked goods can go any direction you care for it to go. If you are wanting to introduce the benefits of dosing with CBD hemp to your friends, a great idea is to bake up cookies, muffins, mini-cakes, brownies \’\’and all sorts of little sweet breads. Then there is banana bread, zucchini bread \’\’and doughnuts, yes, hemp donuts. Everybody loves donuts.


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