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hemp flowerYour Cannabis Hemp Flower Kitchen — All things Decarboxylate & the Nova Decarboxylator

Your Cannabis Hemp Flower Kitchen — All things Decarboxylate & the Nova Decarboxylator

The cannabis hemp flower kitchen may be soon on the rise because there are so many things that you can make with hemp flower and CBD hemp flower oil. From making hemp flour from your own purchased hemp flower nugs to infusing tea and coffee with CBD, the things you can make in your cannabis hemp flower kitchen are multiplying.  It is frustrating to be all geared up to make something with decarboxylated hemp flower and, oh, yes, there are no hemp flowers in the pantry.

And who wants to stop and spend a couple hours letting hemp flower decarboxylate while you are twiddling your thumbs wanting to bake up those brownies. So solution number one is stock your cannabis hemp flower kitchen with a variety of hemp flower. Solution number two is a new piece of equipment which will make decarboxylating hemp flower much simpler.

It is necessary to decarb the hemp flower in order to convert it from CBDA to CBD. The decarb process releases and removes carbon dioxide from the flower. Now when you use it to make edibles, the CBD is in a form to interact with your body so you can feel the effects.

The Nova Decarboxylator

The Nova Decarboxylator eliminates the need to decarb hemp flower in your oven, run the risk of forgetting it and it burns or pushing a smell through your house which may not be the most desirable. This is the “Nova of all Nova” to give another neat addition to your cannabis hemp flower kitchen.  It’s the size and shape of a basic coffee grinder so conserves counter space. After opening it, place a quarter to an ounce in a metal cannister, replace the lid, press the button and go enjoy the afternoon movie without worrying that you will forget.

In 90 to 120 minutes, your hemp flower will be decarbed and ready to use – no fuss, no muss. With the Nova Decarboxylator, you will have hemp flower precisely decarbed by utilizing dual sensors and a high-tech thermal blanket to monitor the temperature and prompt heating cycles to more fully “heat through” the material. You do not have to guess any more with this machine in your cannabis hemp flower kitchen.

Cannabis Hemp Flower Kitchen and Shelf Life

Now we need to talk details regarding hemp flower shelf life. You can increase shelf life by storing hemp flower and decarbed hemp flour out of any type of direct like, using glass mason jars and monitor the temperature of where you are storing it so it remains cool.

You can set up your mason jars so that you can accommodate several different strains of hemp flower. It is highly recommended to use high CBD strains to get the best effects. Dr. Strains CBD sells high CBD content hemp flowers and are continually adding to their inventory.

Happy decarbing, baking and infusing in your cannabis hemp flower kitchen.

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